Zhengzhou Business and Foreign Language School

Zhengzhou Business and Foreign Language School is a public school with a jointventure in Henan Province. It is the foreign language training center of Henan International Education Exchange Center and Zhengzhou International Labor Exchange Center .

At present the school has an eminent character of international business and electronic technology as well as the main body of English. The market needs a number of talented persons who know trade business and English. From the aspect of development, after China enters WTO, more joint –venture companies, especially those self-supporting foreign companies will need lots of practical talented persons. The school is characterizing English and enlarging the amount of English lessons to strengthen the English foundation of our students who are going to find jobs, or go to the university, or go abroad.

The school holds the principle of “all are for students” and designs many ways for students so that they may go abroad, or go to the universities, or find a good job.

Contract terms

Gender: male or female

Degree: college, bachelor

Nationality: USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Language: English

Teacher or expert: teacher

Work experience: more than one year

Vacancy: 1

Contract duration: one year

Starting date: September 2003

Courses to teach: oral English

Workload: 13-15 hours per week

Salary: 3500RMB monthly

Air fare: round trip

Annual travel allowance: 1000RMB every year

Meals: cooking utensils are provided

Board: flat on campus