Zhengzhou Middle School

Zhengzhou Middle School is located in Zhengzhou , the capital of Henan Province . The area is the origin of the Chinese nation. The famous Yellow River , also called the cradle of Chinese civilization, goes through the city. The world renowned Shaolin Temple is only 50 miles away.

Zhengzhou Middle School, named by the municipal government of Zhengzhou and invested by Zhengzhou Education Committee and Zhengzhou High- tech Development Zone, is an upscale state-owned center boarding school.

Zhengzhou Middle School possesses first-class teaching facilities in  Henan Province , teaching buildings, an office building, libraries, a science and technology hall, electronic reading room, etc.

Courses: spoken English, conversation, reading, writing and others

Workload: 13-15 hours / week

Monthly salary (RMB): 4000

Air fare (RMB): single trip (one semester) or round trip (one year) reimbursed

Annual travel allowance (RMB):1000

Monthly Internet allowance (RMB): 30

Free boarding:  apartment

Free Chinese course: 3 hours per week

Meals: cookers offered

Boarding place: on campus

Place of position (city): Zhengzhou

Place of position (province): Henan Province