Wenchang High School

Wengchang High School is located in Qianjiang, about two hours travel west of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei. Qianjiang is a small city of about 110,000 and it is one of the star cities in China, known for it's beautiful rivers and trees.

A native English speaking ability is the only qualification that is necessary to teach oral English here. Tertiary qualifications and teaching experience would be a useful though.
The students are aged 15-17 and the Western Teacher will need to enjoy having fun with the students as well as working with them. They will be supplied with a suitable textbook for the Western Teacher to work through.

Here are some contract details.
1. The School will reimburse the Western Teacher's two way travel costs between Wuhan and their home country for a two semester contract.
2. 2800-3000 RMB per month wages, 70% of which is exchangeable into foreign currency.
3. Travel allowance of 1100 RMB per semester.
4. Free of charge, private, fully furnished apartment with air conditioner, TV, internet PC, automatic clothes washer and refrigerator.
5. The school will pay for the water, drinking water, electricity and cooking gas. The Western Teacher will be responsible for their telephone bills.
6. Contract length of 10 months beginning in September 2001. The Western Teacher will have about one month paid holiday during the winter vacation.
7. Some sort of medical coverage, to be decided on.
8. You will teach a maximum of 16 45 minute classes per week. Any extra classes are not compulsory. Any extra classes taught, will be paid for above the standard contract rate. Failure of the school to provide 16 lessons per week for the Western Teacher will not result in a reduction of their wage.
9. Apart from pre-arranged class times, the Western Teachers are free to come and go as they choose. However, if they want to leave Qianjiang, they must inform a representative of the school.
10. All classes will be held during the week during the daytime.
11. You will be met at the airport on your arrival.

Extra contract conditions.
12. A monthly sight-seeing day trip.
13. Free Chinese Language lessons.
14. If desired, your school will arrange Taichi and Gong Fu martial arts lessons,
15. If desired, there will be a Chinese support teacher in the classroom with at all times.

The school will arrange for your work permit and your invitation, which you will need to apply for your work visa.

The teaching contract is for ten months beginning on the 1st of September 2001.
For this, the Western Teachers must teach 16 lessons per week, and be friendly and out going with the students. If you are interested, please contact Chris Sands at [email protected] (cc. [email protected]).

Please mention that you heard of this position at www.US-ChinaEdExchange.org!

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