WECL English College

Beijing, Xiamen, Qingdao, Yantai and Shenyang

WECL English College is the first ALL English School in Chinese education history since 1949. All its faculty members are native English speakers from North America. All textbooks and teaching materials used at WECL are originally written in English. The instructing language at WECL is English. On and off campus, students are required to communicate in English only.

WECL offers a two-year college level program in English. It is a combined study of English language, Computer Application and World Affairs. The English language courses enable the graduates to reach the level that they can freely use the language in pursuing their further study in any higher education institute worldwide in which the language of instruction is English. The computer courses enable the graduates to apply the learned modern computer knowledge and skills at WECL in their study, work and life. The world affairs courses enable the graduates to have a deeper and better understanding of the world in political, economic, and general fields. The world affairs courses emphasize in American and Canadian geography, history and society. Over all, the two-year combined study program at WECL, with the purpose to prepare its graduates to have all the basic and necessary knowledge and skills to do either their further study in a higher education institute in which English is the instructing language, or to work in an English environment globally.

The salary ranges from 3000-4700rmb for teachers depending on your credentials. For salary details, please click salary grid

The normal work hours per week will be no more than 20 hours of classroom instruction. Other benefits include: