China Tours

China is now a major travel destination ... It is a country that every American

needs to see, to glimpse the role that China will play as the 21st century unfolds.

- Arthur Frommer, Newsweek, Dec. 23, 2002


For many years, we had been organizing an annual escorted tour to China during the summer. This tour is termed Golden Route Tour because it takes you on the most popular route of four cities in 12 days: Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, and Shanghai. We recommend this tour to people who have never been to China before. This tour is also suited for teachers who take part in our summer teaching programs in China because the end of the tour connects very well with the beginning of the teaching programs. Due to our limited manpower this summer, we are not organizing a tour of our own, but we recommend a Classic Tour with exactly the same itinerary organized by the Trans-Pacific Express Travel (TPE Travel) in New York City. Please click Tour for detailed information about this tour. If you are interested, please contact TPE directly.