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The Teach-in-China/Taiwan Program was created to assist those who are interested in teaching English in China/Taiwan to locate positions there. Over the years, we has established extensive ties with various types of educational institutions in China and Taiwan, including elementary schools, secondary schools, language schools and college/universities. What makes our program different is that instead of waiting to be notified by schools about their openings, we initiate contact with them on your behalf. Given enough time, we sometimes can even create a position for you. We can place English teachers to year-long positions, semester-long positions and short-term summer teaching positions (please request the program list). Most teaching positions in China and Taiwan start in September and some in February (the beginning of the spring semester, depending on when the Chinese New Year is). The earlier you apply, the better is the chance of an appointment. The schedule at private institutions in China and Taiwan is a little more flexible than that at public schools. Most of them accept teachers on an on-going basis.

The basic qualifications for a teaching position include (for teachers of year-long and semester-long programs): native speaker of English, minimum BA degree and commitment to teaching. Teaching experience/certificate is preferred, but not required.

Teaching conditions and compensation in China vary from school to school, but if you teach at a university in China, you will be teaching for about 15 hours a week. Depending on the particular school you are placed in, you may be asked to teach some of the following courses: English & American literature, linguistics, reading, composition, grammar, cultural survey of English-speaking countries, conversational English and English for Special Purposes (ESP) such as business English. There are universities that need teachers to teach more specialized subjects such as accounting, international marketing and law. For your service at a state college or university, you will be paid between 3,000 and 5,000RMB/month in addition to free housing and health care. If you commit to one year of teaching, most host schools will reimburse at least a one-way ticket and many schools will a round-trip ticket. Some schools will also provide a traveling allowance equivalent to half of a month's salary. Although 3,000-5,000RMB a month (roughly $375-$625) is far greater than what Chinese professors get paid, it's little money by Western standards. However people go to teach in China mainly for the experience with the culture and the people. There are also people who use the opportunity as an investment for their future career. In any case, things are cheap in China and 3,000-5,000RMB is enough to cover your basic expenses.

Private institutes in China generally pay more than state colleges and universities. The pay ranges from $300-$800 per month. All of them reimburse a round-trip ticket to China if you commit to one year of teaching at least.

If you teach in Taiwan, you are likely to teach in a language school. Most university positions there require a Ph.D. The subjects that you are expected to teach include reading, writing and speaking. The minimum pay there is $15/hour with a guaranteed workload of 15 hours/week up to 40 hours/week. Most schools in Taiwan don't provide housing, but they will assist you finding housing. The policy about airfare varies from school to school. Some provide a ticket, others don't. Most schools will also provide you with health insurance. Please note that most language schools in Taiwan are for children.

If you are interested in applying through our program, please provide us with the following:

  1. Your resume, both hard copy and electronic copy via email (please use Word attachment if possible). 
  2. Copy of the first page of your passport. 
  3. Copy of your highest degree and teaching certificates, if any.
  4. Names and contact information of two references.
  5. Preference, if any, of a location or locations. We can place you in just about any place, but try to be as flexible as possible.
  6. When you will be available to start teaching.
  7. Two photos (for visa purposes).

The above constitutes an application. There is no other form to fill out. Placement is conducted on a first-come-first-served basis.

The application should be sent to:

U.S.-China Educational Exchange
15 Locust Street
Jersey City, NJ 07305

For those who do not have a passport yet, you may submit the other documents first.

Once we locate a position acceptable to you, we'll provide necessary orientation (aspects of teaching in China, reading list, travel arrangement, visa application, connection with people who have taught or are still teaching in China, logistic preparation and so on). In other words, we'll be with you every step of the way until you board the plane bound for China or Taiwan.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.