Tianjin University of Commerce

Location: Tianjin City, 3rd largest city in China, 1hr train ride to Beijing
School  web page: http://www.tjcu.edu.cn
School Size: 10,000 students
Workload: 16hr/w, 5d/w
Pay: around 3000 yuan/month (average local professor:1800yuan/month),
the highest of all the 25 universities in Tianjin City.
Courses to teach (some of them): British &American Literature, Academic Writing,  Business Negotiation, Business English, Advanced Business Reading, Conversational English, etc.
Class size: conversational English :around 20 students, other courses  for English majors:26 students/group. For non-English majors: around 35 students/group
Accommodation:  a small apartment air-conditioned  with a living-room,
a bedroom, plus a bathroom , a phone , a TV set with access to CNN and BBC.
Working conditions: an office shared with other three  international teachers with a computer and a laser printer, easy and free access to Internet for  teaching work. Access to BBC and CNN TV in the office.  A multimedia room with a computer plus a multi-video projector.

In addition, we offer you 2 hrs/week of Chinese language tutoring free of charge/week You have the hardest-working students to teach, easy-to-get-along and open-minded colleagues to work with.

Contract period: September 1st., 2001 to July, 2002

We will pay for your airfare to come over and the airfare go back to your home country after your one-year contract. At the same time we need to confirm with you about the following questions briefly. ( we know about the privacy policy) so that we
can process your applications faster with the relevant departments of our school and the President ( if we can reach an agreement about the job):
1.    age
2.    nationality
3.    Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms
4.    experience of teaching English (courses, student levels, the school name, etc)
5.    academic degree
6.    your resume
For more information or application, please email [email protected].

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