Pre-Teaching EFL Certificate Training

Course for Foreign Teachers of English

To meet the demand of prospective teachers who are going to teach in China or elsewhere for opportunities of pre-teaching training, we offer a pre-teaching EFL certificate training course for foreign teachers of English who are to teach in China, Taiwan or any other country. The training course is held either in Beijing or Shanghai (two major ports of entry into China) twice a year in February and late August (roughly 10 days before the start of the spring semester and the fall semester). The course typically lasts for a week and is taught by experienced EFL teachers and trainers who have taught or are still teaching in China. The training course will be focused on the practical aspects of teaching. The following is the program schedule and agenda:

Day 1
Check in. Those who are arriving at Beijing or Shanghai International Airport will be picked up and escorted to the guesthouse.

Day 2
Training course starts.

Presentation: Teaching and Living in China: From a Chinese Perspective

This presentation will be given by two Chinese professors of English. They will discuss the learning style of the Chinese students, the general curricular description and requirements of major courses that foreign teachers are asked to teach (conversational English, reading, literature, linguistics, grammar, introduction to the societies and cultures of the English-speaking countries, business English, science English, etc.) They will also discuss what they consider successful EFL teachers in China. 

In giving the presentations, one of the professors will have the English-major students in mind, while the other professor will address the teaching of non-English-major students. The curricula for these two types of students and the expectations of the foreign teachers for them are quite different. 

(For the rest of the week, presentations will be given by four foreign teachers/trainers who have either taught or are teaching in China.)

Day 3
Presentation: Teaching and Living in China: From a Westerner's Perspective

Apart from discussing almost exactly everything that the Chinese professors discussed the previous day but from an Westerner's perspective, the presenter will share his/her experience teaching and living in China and offer tips about how to establish relationships with students, faculty, how to work with waiban (foreign affairs office, which is in charge of your life), how to navigate the Chinese bureaucracy, how to make friends outside the school, pitfalls to keep in mind, how to spend your spare time, how to be part of the expat community, where to travel and what to see. Many of what he/she has to say won't be found in any official guidebooks on China. 

(Presentations for the remainder of the program are focused on specific areas of teaching. Each presenter will distribute a list of recommended books and teaching materials on the subject.)

Day 4
Presentation: How to teach conversational English at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels

Day 5
Presentation: How to teach reading and grammar at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels

Day 6
Presentation: How to teach literature and introduction to the societies and cultures of the English speaking countries

Training course ends and an  EFL certificate is awarded.

Day 7
Free on your own.

Day 8
Departure from Beijing/Shanghai and reporting to your own school. 

The daily program runs for four hours from 8:00am to 12 noon. Afternoons and evenings are free. They are set aside so that you can visit the numerous places of interest in Beijing/Shanghai. For those who wish to practice teaching in the afternoon instead of sightseeing, we can make arrangement for you to practice teaching at certain local schools provided that they have a summer or winter session. You won't be paid for practice teaching. 

Most places of interest in Beijing can be covered in half a day, but the most spectacular site--the Great Wall--requires a full day. Day 7 is kept open just for that purpose. While visiting the Great Wall, you can also visit the Ming Tombs, which are in the same direction. If the program is held in Shanghai, you are free to leave on that day. 

For those who have never studied Chinese before but wish to do so, we will offer an optional crash course focused on the phonetic system, basic language structure of the Chinese language, and some simple topics of conversation. The language course, which lasts for two hours daily, is offered in the evening from Day 2 to Day 6. The cost of the optional course is not included in the cost for the training program. The textbook to be used is Beginners Chinese by Yong Ho (Hippocrene, NY, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002). You are suggested to purchase the book before you arrive in China. If the book is not available in your local bookstore, you can purchase it through If you have trouble purchasing the book there, please contact us. We have a minimum requirement. The language course won't be offered if there are not enough students interested in taking it.

The logistics of the training course is as follows: 

Program cost: $400, which should be in the form of a check or money order made out to U.S.-China Educational Exchange. If you are from a country other than the U.S., please make sure that you convert your local currency to USD before you send it. The payment should be sent to:

U.S.-China Educational Exchange
15 Locust Street
Jersey City, NJ 07305

 The program cost includes:

If you don't need accommodations or if you leave a day earlier, your cost will be adjusted.

Optional 6-day Chinese language course: $50

We  require a minimum of 12 participants to run the course. So if you are really interested, please register as soon as possible to ensure that the course is on. If you have registered, but the course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, your payment will be refunded to you in its entirety.