Teacher Exchange Program

For those teachers in the United States and elsewhere (referred to as "foreign teachers") who are interested in teaching in China, but wish to receive their salary at home, we source and arrange for teachers in China to fill their positions in the United States or elsewhere while receiving funding from their home institutions. This usually requires the U.S. or foreign teachers to receive advance permission from their schools or school districts. The exchange can be direct or indirect. Direct exchange is one in which an American teacher (or a foreign teacher) goes to teach at a Chinese school and one or more Chinese teachers comes to teach at the American teacher's school. Indirect exchange involves a situation where an American teacher (or a foreign teacher) goes to teach at a Chinese school, but the Chinese teacher who comes to teach at the American teacher's school is from a different Chinese school.

If you are interested in applying for an exchange our program, please provide us with the following:

  1. Your resume, both hard copy and electronic copy via email (please use Word attachment if possible). Please include your citizenship, passport number. marital status and date of birth in your resume. If you do not have email access, please submit a disk that contains your resume file.
  2. Copy of the first page of your passport with such information as your passport number, expiration date and date of birth.
  3. Copy of your highest degree and teaching certificates, if any.
  4. Names and contact information of two references.
  5. Preference, if any, of a location or locations. We can place you in just about any place, but try to be as flexible as possible.
  6. When you will be available to start teaching.
  7. Two photos (for visa purposes).
  8. An administrative fee of $100. 
  9. A letter from your employment granting you the permission for the exchange.