Taizhou Agriculture Bureau


      Taizhou is located on the coast of Zhejiang Province in east China. It consists of 3 districts, two 2 sub-cities and 4 counties.Taizhou covers a land area of 9441 square kilometers, and an ocean area of 80000 square kilometers. Its population is 5.46 million.
       Taizhou is one of China's major producers of aquatic and fruit products, and one of the major grain producers in Zhejiang. With the process of agricultural industrialization, Taizhou's agricultural infrastructure has been greatly improved. Agriculture enterprises, markets, farmers' cooperative economic organizations, eco-agriculture and sight-seeing agriculture have experienced conspicuous development in Taizhou and a new modern agricultural setup has taken shape.
       The Bureau of Agriculture of Taizhou city is in charge of Taizhou's agricultural production. The bureau would like to invite foreign teachers to improve its English and to better establish the foundation of the internationalization of agriculture for Taizhou.
contract terms:
vacancy: 1
contract duration: one year
starting date: as soon as possible
workload: 4-6 classes per week
courses to teach: oral English and conversation
travel allowance: 2200rmb
telephone, water, electricity fare: 200 per month
free meals
flat in a community

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