The University of Science and Technology of Suzhou

The University of Science and Technology of Suzhou is an engineering-oriented multidisciplinary university. It has a history of twenty-plus years. It would not rank among the nation's 100 most important universities, yet it is locally very famous. It has 19 departments, including e.g. Environmental Protection, Civil Engineering and English.

The seat of the university,
Suzhou , is a city full of charm and attraction. It is known as the 'paradise on earth'. For its numerous water routes winding through the city, it is also known as Venice of the east. In 2001, Suzhou was rated as one of the ten most vigorous newly-rising scientific-and-technological cities in the world. Located well near Shanghai , an hour's distance by car or train, the city has an evident advantage of location. Its GNP per capita is among the highest in the country. As is agreed by all, the city is an ideal place for living.

The esl teacher is to teach the English majors from freshmen to seniors, mainly teaching subjects like oral English, sometimes courses related to culture, history or religion. The class size is usually 35. Normally a teacher teacher 16 academic hours a week, an academic hour being 45 minutes.

The esl teacher will be provided a free apartment which has a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a washing room and a kitchen. There will be provided 24 hours hot water, washing machine, dryer, fridge, microwave oven, gas stove, TV, DVD player, computer with internet access, etc.

Working here you will enjoy:

3,000 to 3,500 RMB per month depending on your qualification; can earn more if willing to teach extra hours;
return ticket for one-year contract;
2200 yuan traveling allowance for one year contract;

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Contract terms:

Gender: F/M

Degree: bachelor

Teacher or expert: teacher

Age: no limit

Nationality: USA , UK , Australia , Canada

Vacancy: 1

Language: English

Contract duration: one year

Start date: as soon as possible

Work place: in campus

Workload: 16classes a week

Salary: 3500RMB a month

Courses to teach: oral English, conversation

Travel allowance: 2200RMB a year

Meals: Cooking utensil provided

Free flat on campus