Sun International Education Institute, Beijing

The Sun International Education Institute (Sun) is an International Education Institute, established by the British Sun Group Investments Ltd and Beijing Saiyingrui Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to meet the challenges of global integration, and China’s entry to WTO, as well as the Beijing Olympic Games 2008. It focuses mainly on: 1.The English Language Training. 2.International Professional Qualification Training. We need five to eight English teachers, of course English as native language speakers. We are planning to put them on the Programs on December 2001. 
We’ll provide necessary working and living conditions, as following:

1. RMB4,500 for eighty hours in-class teaching per month; Additionally, RMB120 for each extra class hour.

2.Round trip international ticket for a teacher if he/she successfully fulfills a one-year contract.

3.Furnished standard room with kitchenware, telephone, TV, Refrigerator, Internet line and a separate bathroom and necessary beddings.

4.Accident insurance for each teacher (amount insured not to exceed RMB50,000). 

5.Reimburses medical fee RMB1,200 per year.

If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact us at [email protected].

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