Summer teaching in China is usually of short duration lasting anywhere between 2 to 5 weeks in most cases and most summer teachers would like to travel light. For this reason and the fact that most summer programs are conversational in nature, we suggest that you bring more disposable materials such as maps (subway, bus, city, US, etc.), restaurant menus (including those from Chinese restaurants), circulars and flyers (of various kinds), photos (personal or about your city, community, country), video and audiotapes (TV shows, radio broadcasts, and even ordinary people's conversations), advertisements and commercials (of various kinds) and brochures (of various types). You may even consider bringing a Sunday paper. Students in China are always fascinated by these tangible materials. Experienced teachers can very often construct a whole course using these materials exclusively. What is additionally good about these materials is that most of them are free. Take a brief walk on the street and see if you can bring home a ton of them! At the end of your teaching, you can either give them away or throw them away.

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