South Ocean Schools

Each year, South Ocean schools have 30 to 50 international teachers working with their Chinese students and colleagues in different cities. The current foreign language course at schools is English and the international teachers are from different English speaking countries. As all the schools are boarding schools, the apartments and canteens on campuses are convenient for accommodation of both individuals and families. 

South Ocean Schools offer a basic one-year contract for international teachers to start with. The weekly working load ranges from 16 to 18 hours depending on the school needs. Free accommodation including food and room on campus is provided, plus free medical treatment at campus clinic. An Annual travel allowance of RMB2200 and an international travel stipend of RMB 6800 are guaranteed, in addition to a monthly salary scale beginning at RMB2500 for a college degree holder with some teaching experiences. International teachers can move to a different campus after the initial contract is completed at one of the South Ocean Schools. The wide connections of International Office of South Ocean Development Group make it possible for contract-fulfilled teachers to be recommended to other schools and colleges within China or overseas when such needs arise. 

For more information or application, please email [email protected].

Requirements for the candidates: 
* University degree is a must and teaching experience preferred 
* Love for school job and school children 
* Some knowledge of Chinese language and society preferred 
* A strong interest to get involved with new people and new environment 
* Patient with simple life and school routine 
* Active with cultural interaction 
* A teaching load of 16-18 hours per week at either elementary or secondary level 
* Personal medical insurance strongly suggested Job Offer 
* A monthly salary of RMB3000-5000 
* Free apartment on campus and free food at school dining hall 
* Free ride once a week for shopping or city tour 
* Limited medical care on campus clinic. Hospital treatment is at personal cost 
* USD800/RMB6800 for international airfare 
* RMB2200 travel allowance 
* Telephone and access to Internet

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