Resources for Teaching and Learning Chinese

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Recommended textbooks:


Beginner’s Chinese by Yong Ho, New York: Hippocrene Books, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Intermediate  Chinese by Yong Ho, New York: Hippocrene Books, forthcoming in 2003.


These two books are best suited for adult learners of Chinese. A best-seller, Beginner’s Chinese is one of the most used textbooks for adult learners in the U.S.


Integrated Chinese, by Taochung Yao, et al. Boston: Cheng & Tsui.


This book is best suited for college students who study intensively.


Recommended dictionaries:


Chinese-English Dictionary of the 500 Most Frequently Used Words: A Study Guide to Mandarin Chinese by Yong Ho, New York: Hippocrene Books, 2001.


Concise English-Chinese, Chinese-English Dictionary. Oxford University Press, 1987.


Oxford Advanced Learners English Chinese Dictionary. Oxford University Press, 1995.


If you are interested in the psycholinguistic process of Chinese speakers, please check out:


Discourse Structures of Mandarin Chinese by Yong Ho, Edwin Mellen Press, 1993.


Internet Resources


Guides, Indexes and Links


Chinese Language-related information

a comprehensive subject guide to Chinese-language-related resources on the internet


Chinese Home Page

a complete reference to China/Chinese-related websites


Chinese language

a catalogue of internet resources

a web of webs


Chinese language and writing

includes the history of the Sino Tibetan family of languages


Chinese language and linguistics

annotated links compiled by Marjorie Chan to more than two hundred China and Chinese language and linguistics-related web sites


Chinese Language Study

large index of Chinese language study related internet resources


Chinese Software Web Sites

a list of Web sites for Chinese software and other Chinese-language topics


Teaching and Learning Chinese

a collection of resources for teaching and learning Chinese


WWW Chinese Language Teaching Resources

Online language resources compiled by the National Taiwan Normal University


Online Chinese resources

U. of Michigan's links to resources to aid in the learning of the Chinese language and culture


Chinese Programs


Scholarships for Study of Chinese Abroad


Chinese Programs

links to Web sites with information on Chinese language study courses offered by various institutions




Online Chinese dictionaries

22 dictionaries are listed.

Type a word in English, you will get its Chinese equivalent.


Chinese-English dictionary


Top Chinese dictionaries


Online Chinese-English, English-Chinese Dictionary

searchable two-way dictionary by Richard Wang


Study Chinese characters


Chinese Character Pronunciations


Simplified characters

Click on any character to see its simplified form (and its definition and etymology).

Input (copy-and-paste) any Chinese text and obtain the transliterated pronunciation of each Chinese character. Follow links to online Chinese magazines and use this application to lookup pronunciations of unfamiliar words.


Character flash cards

printable flashcards for learning characters

flashcard wizard


A is for Love

This is a set of Flash Cards for learning Chinese. The face card shows a Chinese word. Click on the word will flip the card over, where the pronunciation and meaning are given.


Bell Labs Mandarin Text-to-Speech Synthesis

(traditional characters)

(simplified characters)

Type Chinese characters or pinyin, sound will be generated automatically.


Chinese & Characters

CD series that use animation to teach children and non-Chinese speaking people

basic strokes of Chinese characters, stroke order principles , number of strokes, construction principles, traditional vs. simplified characters, radicals and dictionaries, character "styles”.


Chinese Character Flashcards

a Java applet to assist in the learning of Chinese characters


Chinese Character Genealogy

Online dictionary by Rick Harbough


Chinese Character Genealogy

An etymological Chinese-English dictionary


Chinese Character Tutor

a Chinese dictionary and learning tool that includes 100 predefined lessons


Chinese Character Tutor V4. 0

An online dictionary and learning tool with audio and testing facility


Chinese Dragon Writer

provides easy English to Chinese phrase translation input


Chinese Radical Exam

a study aid and test for beginners, covering 108 of the most common radicals that are also characters in their own right


Fascinating Chinese Characters

CD program teaching how to write Chinese characters



with a week by week schedule




A Chinese-English Database

Chinese-English vocabulary database


New Words

Here are some cool and useful words that are being used everyday in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Some of them have been coined only recently. These and many more words of similar nature will be incorporated into the upcoming CD-ROM version of HyperChina.



methods of "romanizing" Chinese, initials and finals, tone shifts , recommended films for listening


Pinyin Practice

Welcome to the world of Pinyin and Chinese sounds. Before you begin to work on the exercises contained in this site check out some sites that explain the fundamentals of the Pinyin system. Take advantage of the many examples given. When you have a basic understanding of Pinyin, return here to try these activities.


Pinyin Font Converter

In order to input romanized Chinese in Pinyin using the 4 tones of Mandarin Chinese, special fonts are used to mark vowels with tones. A variety of these fonts are available online. The Pinyin Font Converter converts texts between some of the most popular Pinyin fonts that are available for Windows and Macintosh.


Chinese Pronunciation Guide

Includes a tool, pinyin sheets and courses.

useful site for students to improve their pronunciation and tones


Speech Wizard

English and Chinese text-to-speech system that lets you listen to the reading of English and Chinese words, sentences or even an entire text through your multimedia speakers.



verbs and word order, expressing "tense" in Chinese, particles, measure words, question formats


Sources of Chinese-Language Text Files

is a source of documents written in Chinese, mostly of Chinese literature


Organizations that Provide Standardized Tests of Chinese

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)

China's HSK homepage (GB/Eng). The HSK, or Chinese Proficiency Test, is "a standardized test at the state level designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to measure the Chinese proficiency of foreigners, overseas Chinese and students from Chinese national minorities.


Chinese-Language Radio Broadcasts

This page collects, in one place, information on radio or other broadcasts in Mandarin, Cantonese, and other Chinese languages. The emphasis is on broadcasts that are globally available, either via shortwave radio, cable, or in recorded form over the Internet.

At this site, you can watch Chinese television and listen to radio broadcasts in the Chinese language.   A wide selection of streaming audio and video broadcasts is available from Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Britain, China and the USA in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Transmissions are provided in RealAudio formats.


Central Chinese Television (in Chinese)

China Radio International


Online Tutorials, Courses and Programs


Chinese Multimedia Tutorial

A tutorial on greetings, expressing thanks and food terms, including characters and sounds.


Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online

a 15-unit course on everyday topics


Cyber Chinese

a series of interactive lessons covering the complete first-year curriculum, with video, sound and text


Internet-based Chinese Teaching & Learning

La Trobe University's 8-level online Chinese language courses.


Learn Chinese

An audio tutorial of survival Chinese.


My Favorite Multimedia Inside Chinese Language Lab

Page Lin's site for online pronounciation lessons using real-time sounds


Teaching and Learning Chinese

Jianhua Bai's Web site for online language resources

Large index of links for learning, studying, or practicing Chinese online. Links include pronunciation, conversation, grammar and characters, literature, dictionaries, software, and more.

By studying at, you are together with the best teachers of rich experiences in teaching Chinese to International students. They are professional, innovative and easy-going.

13 lessons


Software Programs


Chinese Star




RichWin 4.2 Plus for Windows


Rising Sun




Chinese Bookstores

Cheng & Tsui


China Books and Periodicals


Chinese Book and Supply Company


Asia for Kids



Chinese for Kids


The following is a good website with language learning resources for kids.

 It's really intended for ESL (English as a Second Language), but a lot of

 the items they carry would be good for learning/practicing Chinese, as well:


In particular, see language learning games here:


And picture dictionaries here:


They have the "New Oxford Picture Dictionary" and the "Renyi Picture

Dictionary" in Chinese-English, among other things.


You can get a good laugh from this little thingie:

Just click on a flag and you will hear how “Ow, My Foot!” is said in the language that flag stands for. Pay attention to the Chinese expression and learn it! When you click on the flag, check out the scene outside the window too.


Chinese Culture: Art, Literature, etc.

·         Chinese Text Initiative (University of Virgia)

·         Chinese Art and Culture

·         Beijing Art Museum

·         China the Beautiful

·         Chinese Learner's Alternative Page

·         Chinese Art

·         National Palace Museum - Taiwan

·         Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan

·         Chinese culture information net

·         Minority Nationalities in China (in Chinese)


Western-Chinese Calendar Converter


Get a name in Chinese

Get your own Chinese name based on your English name and find out your sign in the Chinese Zodiac! Simply type in your first and last name, select what kind of characteristics you want to be expressed in the name, select your gender, enter your birthdate and press "Get a Name!".


Visual Sourcebook for Chinese Civilization

Designed to be used by students and teachers in college of high school classes.  Covers ten categories, such as geography, Buddhism, calligraphy, military technology, etc., all selected because of the value of visual images in teaching about them.  Includes a timeline and teacher’s guide.


Reference Works for Chinese Studies

An annotated bibliography of dictionaries, indices, concordances, etc., covering all aspects of Chinese studies.  Requires Chinese software to view characters in titles.


Chinese Newspapers and Magazines

·         People's Daily (in Chinese)

·         Xinhua News Agency

·         China Daily (in English)

·         Watch CCTV Online

·         Chinese News (in Chinese)

·         China Times News (in Chinese)

·         China News Digest

·         Global Chinese Electronic Daily News

·         Hua Xia Wen Zhai (in Chinese)

·         Beijing Spring (in Chinese)

·         SinaNet News Center (in Chinese)