Qinghai Petroleum Administration

The Qinghai Petroleum Administration Bureau was founded in June 1955. It is part of China Petroleum and Natural Gas. Its headquarters are located in Dunhuang city, Gansu province, China . Its main business is oil geophysical prospecting, well drilling, culture and education, health and some other skills. The Qinghai Petroleum Administration can manage the design projects of the oil field construction, goods transported, goods stored, supplying water and electricity. The Qinghai Petroleum Administration Bureau is a synthesis petroleum service company. And the present property is 3.481 billion Yuan.

The Basic Education Center of Qinghai Oil Administration is in charge of culture and education .The basic education has started since 1960, and it belongs to national large-size enterprise. The Center lies in the west edge of the Dunhuang oasis on the Silk Road, and it is 7 Kilometers far from the world famous city----Dunhuang which is at the north edge of Qinghai and Tibet Plateau and its altitude is 1040 meters, the place is surrounded by high mountains, most parts of the place are deserts, Gobi deserts and hilly country, there is a river named Danghe in the region. Its area is 3,100 square kilometers, and its population is 170 thousand. Additionally, Dunhuang is also a fruit and tour city. Because Dunhuang is a kind of typical continental climate, all kinds of fruits can get more sunshine and the juicy fruits contain more carbohydrate. The most famous fruits are Liguang apricot and no seed grape. The tour resources in Dunhuang are very rich, and it is one of the world famous places of interest. The places are Mogao cave, Mingsha hill, the crescent spring, the thousand buddhas' cave, Yangguan Pass , Yumenguan Pass , Han Great Wall, ancient city, special Yadan landforms and Wowa pool.

Dunhuang lies in the western part of Gansu province, it is a vital communication line among Gansu , Xinjiang , Qinghai , Tibet , the civil aviation planes can arrive in Lanzhou , Jiayuguan Pass , Wulumuqi, Xi'an and Beijing .

The Qinghai Petroleum Base covers an area of 641.69 hectares, among which the building area is 1,250,000 square meters, the green area is 178.61 hectares, the green covering rate reaches 27.8% which is 79.5% of the green covering. There are 19 visiting gardens and many lawns, which covers 33.08 hectares. Its population is nearly 50,000. Before the construction of the Base, it was a Gobi desert of crisscross network of gullies here. Thanks to the concern of the former Ministry of Petroleum Industry and the General Company of Petroleum & Natural Gas and with the support of the local government, the foundation stone of Dunhuang Petroleum Base was laid in June 1984, which opened the prelude of the Base construction During the following 17 years of construction, the past Gobi desert takes on a new look now. The buildings here are row upon row and the public installations are of different styles. The roads are wide and straight, trees, flowers and lawns are everywhere. The yards of the working and living areas are much more like gardens The citizens here are living a happy and comfortable life, who are full of life and energy. At present, Dunhuang petroleum Base has been turned into a large comprehensive petroleum town with its Administration Bureau here, which supports the function of the front production, the living guarantee and the social service function of communication, journalism, education, culture, sports, medicine, stagger holidays, retirement, commerce & trade. At the same time , it joins itself to the city of Dunhuang and becomes an important and relatively independent small civilized zone.

There are 8 primary and secondary schools belonging to the Center, among which 3 of them are common middle schools. There are also one nine-year compulsory junior middle school, 4 full-time primary schools and 6 kindergartens. There are 1084 teaching staff members in the Center (including workers), among whom there are 584 primary and middle school teachers, 29 nurses, 8713 pupils and students and 1414 kindergarten children.

Since 1998, the results of the National Entrance Examination of the students in the Center are getting higher and higher each year. The admission rate in the past four years was 42.1%, 61.3%, 81.9% and 96.45% respectively. Twenty five students entered
Qinghua University and Beijing University . The teaching Quality of the Center is among the top ones in Qinghai province, which is a historical stride here. At present, 3 middle schools and one primary school belonging to the Center are assessed as "the Standard School of province-Grade",5 kindergartens are chosen as the first-class ones in Qinghai province, among which the No. 4 kindergarten is chosen as "the Model Kindergarten of Province-Grade". In March 2001, the Center became the sole unit in getting the qualification of inviting foreign teachers among the basic education unit in Qinghai Province  

Class hour: 14 class/week

Month salary: 4000RMB

Air fare: round trip

Nationality: American, British, Canada, Australia

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in applying for a position.

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