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    Mianyang King's English School

King's English School is the biggest private English Training School in Mianyang, the second biggest city in Sichuan , well-known for its high technology and electronic industry. (For detailed information, please visit the following website: http://www.my.gov.cn ) Our school has had more than 20 foreign teachers all together since KES was founded in 1998.

Right now, we have an enrollment of over 2000 students in four different cities with 51 Chinese teachers and 5 foreign teachers, and have waiting lists to get in. The foreign teachers are provided with their own apartments in Mianyang with basic necessities. All of the current foreign teachers are very happy with the school. They teach a ready-made curriculum with the teaching program already outlined and all the supporting materials: flash cards .tapes. VCDs all ready for use and make developing the lesson plans very easy.

We focus on teaching young children from 5 to 16 years old who come to learn in their spare time this means that nearly all of our courses take place on the weekends and weekday evenings.

At the same time, we have contacted with other organisations and companies and government departments to train the staff . Mianyang is a really nice city as there is no heavy industry: The air is of the highest quality in Sichuan and of higher quality than other big cities in China . we'll arrange all kinds of outdoor activities travelling along the Ancient. Three Kingdom Period town and battlefields and if you are lucky enough, you may see panda there, where there's a largest panda protection zone supported by WWF in China .Of course, other cultural activities such as Chinese language courses (mainly for graduates and postgraduates who want to get overseas experience and get scores about Asia studies and China studies and we can arrange those to study in Mianyang). and watching Sichuan opera , a special local opera elder than Shakespeare's plays . If you like , you may even play a part in it.

Tourism and Cultural Resources
Mianyang has about 2200 years of history with official local government. It is the birthplace of the Emperor Dayu, Leizhu the mother of silk, and Li Bai the great poet of Tang Dynasty. It is also named as the "Giant Panda Country". To the north is the Jianmen Castle, to the south ChengDu Plain, to the west Jiuzhai Huanglong, and to the east Bayu and Three gorges, so it is known as the hub or "the throat and key" of Sichuan through its history. The eco-tourism routes include Wanglang N atural Protection Zone,
Qianfu Mountain , Yuanwang Cave , etc. Fule Mountain and Zitong Damiao contain important remains for tourists interested in the “Three Kingdoms”. There are also industrial and scientific sites for interested tourists, such as CAEP Exhibition Center , Asia 's largest aerodynamics center, Changhong Commercial Center . It is becoming the top tourism center of Sichuan and West China . The famous Yuewang Lou (tower) is one of the four most famous towers in China .

Finally, welcome to join us in KES. Maybe you will not make big money, but you will achieve more in your life and studies.

Vacancy: 2

Gender: M / F

Degree: bachelor

Teacher or expert: teacher

Age: 23-50

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand .

Language: English

Contract duration: half a year / one year

Workload: 20-25 hours / week

Monthly salary (RMB): 2500-5000

Airfare (RMB): 5000 (allowance on the completion of one year contract)

Annual travel allowance (RMB): 1,000 (allowance on the completion of one year contract)

Working place: all the cities in the Northwest Sichuan

Free boarding: apartment

Meals: cooking utensils provided

Boarding place: flatlet

Place of position (city): Mianyang

Place of position (province): Sichuan

Time to teach: as soon as possible

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in applying for a position.

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