Jiujiang Foreign Language School, Jiangxi Province

Jiujiang No.5 Middle School was named Jiu jiang Foreign Language School in 1996. It is a comprehensive middle school which combines the basic education with foreign language teaching.

In 1998,our school was listed as one of the National Foreign Language Experimental Center School. Our school has successively been awarded as Electronic Equipment Model School .

More than 2400 students are studying in our school. The school has abundant qualified teachers, among those 160 teachers and employees, 128 employees are senior and semi-senior teachers.90% of the teachers have finished graduate courses. One teacher has got master degree and 6 teachers are doing their postgraduate study. 12 teachers have been chosen as Outstanding Teachers over the province.

The school has advanced teaching facilities. It has been equipped with multiple function sound lab, multi-media electronic classroom, electronic reading room and biology laboratory. Now the campus web has already been set up. We have also realized the multi-media long distance education with the middle school attached to Bei jing University .

Our school has made great achievement in teaching in the recent three years, 330 students have got excellent results in all kinds of national and provincial competitions. The school has been holding a leading position in High School Entrance Examination in the past 7 years, and three students have won the first place all over Jiujiang city. We have also got good results in the Entrance Examination to the college, in 2002, 96% of senior students passed the entrance examination.

Our school has frequent educational exchanges with other countries. We have friendly inter-
school  cooperation with USA , UK , Australia , Japan , New Zealand and Thailand . The school has also achieved agreement with Chairo Christian School to exchange teachers and students each other year. In March,2003, mayor of BowBow Shire visited our school. The school provides three foreign languages study, English, Japanese and German. We have employed 19 foreign teachers from Australia , Germany and Canada teaching in our school.

Adhering to the advanced principles of running schools, Jiujiang Foreign Language School seizes every opportunity to enlarge of our school. We are working hard to prepare setting up a new Foreign language School which covers an area of 300 mu. We will do our best to make our school the first class school in Jiangxi Province and one of the best school in the nation.

Contract terms:

Duration: one year

Nationality: native speakers of English and French

Vacancy: 2

Start date: February 2004

Salary:3500-4000RMB a month

Courses to teach: oral English

Air ticket: round trip

Travel allowance: 2200 RMB a year

Telephone fare: 50 Rmb a month

Meals: cooking utensils provided

Free flat on campus