Hong'an Middle School

The Second middle School of Hong'an was set up in 1980. It was built on the top pf Aoforg Hill, one of the eight sights in Hong'an.East of the school lies Hongping Road,west, Daoshui River.It is based on the hill at the back oand overlooking the river, Beautiful and quiet enviroment makes it a good place for schooling.

Our school covers an area of 58638 square meters, with a total housing space of 31240 square meters.Now it has six grades of junior and senior, and 53 classes in all. The number of the students in the school now has gone up to 4387 while 295 teachers are working in it, of whom 46 are high-ranking teachers, 170 middle-ranking teachers. Two of these teachers are awarded "National Model Teachers" while 8 are awarded "Province Model teachers" and 25"City Model Teachers"/42 teachers are members of Hubei Province. The teachers here all graduated from Teachers College. Our school is furnished with first-class instrument rooms, art rooms, music rooms, electric classrooms, a language room, laboratories and soon.It is the first school here in which electric teaching ways are tired. it has first-class library and reading room with nearly 50000 copies of books in them.

The school yard is made green and beautiful by planting trees and flowers everywhere, which is well suited to its physical features. It is divided into teaching area, residential quarters, sports section and so on. Teaching buildings, general buildings, dormitory buildings are all beautifully designed and well built, making the school into a whole perfect one.

In the past 20 years, centering on "Scientific research making our country strong and scientific education leading to a better school", we all have a strong wish to carry out more experiments and make our way out by experimental reform. Now the school has already grown into a school of its own educational characteristics standard and special-skilled students and teachers. 

The school is honored by all as "Hubei Model Unit in practical Education", Huanggang Advanced school in Moral Education", "Hong'an Educatianal Technical Equipment Advanced School", "Hong'an Civilized Unit" and so on.


degree: college or bachelor
specialty: pedagogy
work experience: 3 years
vacancy: 2
contract duration: one year
start time: Aug 2003
workload: 13-15 classes
salary:3500 monthly
courses to teach: oral English
airfare: round trip ticket  reimbursed
travel allowance: 2200 a year
meals: cooking utensils are provided
free apartment on campus

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in applying for a position.

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