U.S.-China Educational Exchange is an independent organization created for the sole purpose of facilitating educational and cultural exchange between the United States and China. We are called U.S.-China Educational Exchange because we are based in the U.S., but all our programs are open to qualified candidates irrespective of their nationalities.

The following is a brief description of the programs we conduct. For details, please visit the relevant pages.

Teach-in-China Program
This is our largest program. We assist those in the United States and elsewhere interested in teaching English and other subjects in China to locate positions there. We can place people at year-long positions, semester-long positions, and summer positions. Once our candidates are accepted, we provide necessary orientation (aspects of teaching in China, reading list, travel arrangement, visa application, logistic preparation and so on). 

China Tours
We organize tours to China throughout the year. Our annual classic tour in the early summer is particularly popular with American school teachers and teachers who are going to teach a summer program in China.

Teacher Exchange Program
For those teachers in the United States and elsewhere who are interested in teaching in China, but wish to receive their salary at home, we source and arrange for teachers in China to fill their positions in the United States while receiving funding from their home institutions. 

Study in China
Many universities and institutes in China offer language and culture (martial arts, painting, calligraphy and traditional medicine) courses for foreign students, both short-term and long-term. We handle applications for a number of universities and institutes in China and we are running our own course in China in the summer.

Pre-Teaching EFL Certificate Training Course
for Foreign Teachers of English
These training courses are conducted twice a year in China. The course lasts for about a week, usually, but not always, in Beijing and Shanghai.