Hefei Guanghua School

Hefei Guanghua School is located on Changjiang West Road in a quickly developing industrial part of Hefei City . The beautiful Shen Lin Park on Dashuo Mountain is to the west of school and to the North there is scenic Shuo Mountain Lake . Wonderful people and breath taking scenery create an excellent living environment. Over 100 high tech industrial buildings are around the school. About 150 meters away from the east side of the school is the Anhui Province science and technology building. On the south side of the school grounds there are approximately 50 different software companies. The Chinese science academy and the Hefei science and technology school are within 3 kilometers of the school.

The school grounds cover a 120 Mu area,0.12 Billion RMB were used to build the 60,000 square meter school. The school teaches Grades 1 through 12 with buildings for Elementary, Junior High and Senior High school. In addition to the classroom buildings, there are dormitories for the students and 20 foreign teachers. Facilities to help in all aspects of students development are present. Facilities to help in all aspects of students development are present. Such as the biggest school swimming pool in Anhui province. The swimming pool in water is always warm and can be used year round. There is also a multipurpose gymnasium, a 400 meter rubber running track and a 888 person auditorium.

Only the most effective and up to date teaching methods are used. In the near future every student will have his own computer. Every classroom has an over heard projector. The school set up its own website and all the students will be able to access to internet at the same time.

The library, activity center, television studio, science and technology center and all the different athletic departments cater to the interests, needs and growth of all the students.

gender: male or female
degree: bachelor
work experience: one year
age: 20-50
nationality: USA, Canada, UK, Australia
vacancy: 2
contract duration: one year
start date: Sep 2003
workload: 13-15classes
salary: 3500rmb monthly
courses to teach: oral English, conversation
airfare: round trip (completion of the contract)
travel allowance: 2200 a year
free food and apartment on campus