Handan Lilac Education Group

Handan Lilac Education Group was established on
Sept 8th, 2001 . There are four schools in it, Lilac Foreign Language School, Lilac Primary School, Lilac Technical Secondary School and International shadowboxing (Taiji boxing) Intercommunioncenter. It is the first foreign language researching institute which has the qualification to engage the foreign experts approved by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts. The foreign teachers here are from the universities and high schools of America , Canada , Britain , and Australia and so on.

The group consists of two parts. One lies in the Fudong Street of Handan city, near to the Guang’an residential district. It has investment of 3,000,000 yuan, and a teaching building covering 2,400 square meters. The teaching building has good equipments such as air conditioner, listening rooms, multi-functional audio-visual classrooms, and so on. The other one locates in the new Handan teachers’ college as well as Handan vocational and technical College in the south and architecture technique university of Hebei province in the west. It covers an area of 350mu (about 58 acres) and makes an investment of 120,000,000yuan. The building area is more than 80,000 square meters. There are not only the teaching facilities of classrooms, listening rooms, computer rooms, library, and reading rooms, etc, but also the living facilities of eating drinking and lodging, etc.  Up to now, there are 12 foreign teachers and 32 Chinese teachers in the group. In order to guarantee the teaching quality, the group engages some experienced English teachers of universities or high schools in the local place as the teaching assistants. We use the teaching method of combining Chinese and Western “Two teachers, two languages”, that is the Chinese teacher and the foreign teacher teaching together in the class. This method builds a good English atmosphere for the students and makes the students’ language sense and conversational ability improved quickly. So we have received a very warm welcome from students, parents and the society.  Within less than a year, the number of classes has been up to 47,and the students to 1400 inside it and over 1,000 outside the school. In order to further improve the teaching quality, the group signed an agreement with the Management College of Beijing normal University in June, 2002, and became into the teaching research base of the college. We have carried out the teaching research of Intensive English Teaching Research for Middle School and Elementary School Students and so on. We are trying our best to make it realized step by step that the elementary school graduates have the same English level as the college graduates, and the middle school students have the English level of CET (band 4).The teaching quality of Lilac School will be  improved continuously through the teaching research.  Management Aim: Unite with all the power that can be united.

Development Goal:  To be the most outstanding foreign language training base for children and youngsters in China .

Teaching Motto: There are no students who cannot learn, while there are only the teachers who cannot teach.

Vacancy: 10
Degree: bachelor or master
Language: English
Teacher or expert: teacher
Age: unspecified
Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Austrian
Contract duration: one year
Starting date: as soon as possible
Working place:
Handan city,
Workload: 20 teaching hours per week
Monthly salary (RMB): 2600--4500
Courses to teach: oral English reading, writing, literature.
Travel welfare: 2,200 (twice a year)
Air fare (RMB): round trip on completion of the contract

City Brief Introduction

Handan, (Hebei province), is an industrial city which lies some 450 km southwest of Beijing, and some 500 km inland of the Yellow Sea. The city is an ancient one, with a 3,000-year history. As Ogaki is also an industrial city, there have been repeated exchange visits and conferences to study economic and technological exchange in the private sector. Students involved in technical research programs have been hosted by both cities and there have been performances of Beijing Opera held in Ogaki.   

The Beijing Guangzhou railway runs through the city from south to north, the railway from Handan to Changzhi and two lateral way forms a 8 round the railway, connect the Jingguang railway through the downtown. The highway transportation extends to all directions. The Handan airport is under construction. The railway from Handan to Jinan , the highway from Beijin to Shenzhen also have been used.