Fortune Kindergarten, Shanghai

Fortune Kindergarten is a modern early childhood educational institution, which enrolls children aged 2-6 from various counties and areas.  The school currently have around 152 children from 20 countries and areas in two campuses, they are separated in eight classes by age.  Followed are some detailed information about the school.

Curriculum and Instruction

Our curriculum is developed to meet every child’s individual needs.  Concepts and skills are introduced which are appropriate to each child’s stage of development, and which reinforce social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.  Concepts, hands-on activities and experiences are planned according to a calendar of themes and units which are relevant to the children, providing meaningful learning.

Requirement of English Teacher

. Native English speaker

. At least 2 years teaching experience, better in preschool or kindergarten

. Major in education, art or psychology

Teaching Position Description

. Age group: 2-6 years old children

. The maximum class size is 24 children

. Each class has one full time Chinese teacher and one full time helper

. Be responsible of English program of two classes (same age group)

. Working time is from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 35 hours per week, including 15 hours teaching every week, 3 hours teaching per day from Monday to Friday.

. Prepare his/her own teaching materials, submits the lesson plans to the director every Thursday. 

. Participate the teacher’s meeting and the special activities (parents meetings, open house, etc.)

. Take care of children’s routine life as well (help with the lunch and snack, etc.)

 Employment Period:

January 2nd, 2002– August 24th, 2002

The School’s Offer:

Basic salary: 6000- 10000According to the teaching experience

Fare allowance: 500RMB/month

Other benefits and bonus:

. Apartment offered (2 teachers share a two bed-room apartment) or 1500RMB/month

. One way ticket from Shanghai, China to the original place. The school will reimburse the ticket at the end of contract only if the teacher finishes her contract.

. The expenses on applying a visa, work permit and residence permit

. Paid vacation: 8 days

. Paid official holidays: 5 days

. Paid sick leaves: 5 days/school year

. Free lunch from Monday to Friday

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