ELSI/Kojen offers:

1. A comfortable, supportive work environment.
2. A fully developed curriculum.
3. An outstanding teaching library with over 8000 handouts, games and activities for you to build your classes with.
4. Chinese classes partially subsidized by management.
5. A great team of highly qualified, interesting colleagues to work with.
6. Teacher Trainers on duty every day to assist you with lesson preparation.
7. Orientation and ongoing training workshops to help hone your skills as a teacher.
8. 20 campuses all over Taiwan.
9. The largest Adult English program in Taiwan.
10. One of the largest Children's English programs in Taiwan.
11. The opportunity to teach a blend of all ages of students.
12. One of the longest running successful English schools in Taiwan for over 20 years.
13. free airport pick-up and one week accommodation for hourly teachers
14. Teachers always get paid on time.
15. Work permit/resident visa provided
16. stable hours for teachers who are open to all class assignments


For teachers with at least 1 year of experience, we offer the following
one-year contract:
25 hours per week at NT$54,000/mo. Included with this contract are one way airfare from point of departure +NT$24,000 completion of contract bonus, + free 2-week housing while looking for a place to live, and many other extras. For teachers with less than one year's experience, or experienced teachers looking for more flexibility, we also offer hourly based contracts.


A. Must be a Native Speaker of English.
B. Must have at least a BA/BS diploma in any discipline.
C. Must have a clear and articulate speaking voice.
D. Must be willing to make at least a one year commitment.
E. Must have a valid passport.


ELSI/Kojen's ideal candidate would be outgoing, professional, and willing to experiment with ideas. We are looking for people with at least 6 months teaching experience. Of course, additional training such as an MA/TESOL, CELTA, TEFL/TESL degrees will certainly be looked upon favorably.

If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact us at [email protected].