Dalian Railway Institute

Dalian Railway Institute, founded in 1956, is an engineering oriented multi-discipline institution of higher learning incorporating applied science, management and liberal arts. The Institute is distinguished by its program in railway communication. It currently comprises two faculties and five departments and offers 18 undergraduate specialties, 9 master's programs and two doctoral programs. The current enrollment for the undergraduates and postgraduates is approximately 8000. Over 100 international students study Chinese on Campus. The total number of teaching and administrative staff is 1110. Over 700 faculty members are engaged in teaching and research. The Institute is located in Dalian, a vigorous, industrial and modern port city situated at the southernmost tip of Liaodong Peninsula. The city is favored by a mild maritime climate, beautiful scenery, and has always been a tourist attraction. Our Institute is near the downtown area with convenient transportation to the railway station ,the airport and the other big shopping centres and fast food resturants. It's a best living region in the whole city.

What we can offer for the foreign teachers:
1. Free accommodation on campus. one-bed room with a private bathroom and a kitchen. The room is carpeted and we can provide such furniture as color TV set, table and chairs, desk, cupboard, fan, television and cooking utensils. On campus we have a dinning hall for the international students and foreign teachers. The price of the meals are not expensive.
2. Free medical treatment.(We will abide by the documents issued by the National Foreign Affairs Bureau.)
3.Two vacations during a year with vacation allowances.
4. Inviting foreign teachers to attend the important festivals held by the local government.
5. We can provide a single air ticket for the foreign teachers. If they finished a one-year contract, we can provide a round air tickets.

The foreign teacher's obligations:
1. Teaching at least 14, at most 16 class hours of spoken English, reading comprehension, composition class to graduate and undergraduate students, teachers and society students.
2. Giving topic lectures once a week or every two weeks to students on campus.
3. Helping the student's English club and diving directions occasionally.

For more information or application, please email [email protected].

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