Capital Normal University, Beijing

Capital Normal University (CNU) is a key university of Beijing which was set up by the Beijing Municipal Government. It is one of the universities in the “Project 211". (That means in the  21st century, the state will mainly invest in 100 universities in China.)

At present, CNU embraces 5 colleges and 18 academic departments including Chinese, History, Politics and Law, Education, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, English, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Music and Fine Arts etc. There are altogether 21 specialties of the undergraduate course and the associate program; and 46 specialties of adult education. Current enrollment numbers 17,584, including 7,225 undergraduates, 509 postgraduates taking Masters and Ph.D. courses, 9,400 adult students and 450 international students. 29 specialties offer Masters degree and 7 specialties offer doctoral course. There is also a postdoctoral research base, a specialty for postdoctoral candidates and a state-sponsored training and research base for humanity science. 

CNU is strong with teaching and researching. Till now, the university has already had a number of well-known experts and scholars as well as many young and middle-aged teachers who are the mainstays; in addition, there are also several foreign teachers here.

In order to enhance the connection and friendship with the academic circle in other countries, CNU has a College of International Education which actively runs cultural and academic exchange programs. At present, CNU has already set upexchange programs with more than 40 universities and colleges in the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, Russia and Belarus etc. The college has Department of International Students’ Affairs and Center of Overseas Training Programs (there are 20 professors and associate professors, 30 lecturers, and 10 part-time teachers) recruiting both long-term and short-term foreign students. (Including short-term Chinese language program, short-term Chinese culture
program, short-term Chinese business program, undergraduates, postgraduates, doctors, and the students of the non-degree program).

CNU provides such convenient living conditions that it has clinic, shop, cafeteria, bookstore and post office etc. serving for the faculties and the students. 


For Short-term Program
Department     Specialty
College of International Education    Chinese Language
    Chinese Language and Culture
    Business Chinese

Chinese Language Program offers:
Intensive Reading, Listening Comprehension, Speaking, Chinese TV, Correcting Pronunciation and Writing

Chinese Language and Culture Program offers (besides the above courses):
Survey of China, Chinese Minorities, Chinese Education, Structure of Chinese Society, Chinese Operas, Environment Protection in China, Chinese Rural Area, Chinese Religions, Chinese Women, Chinese Literature and Survey of Beijing Business Chinese Program offers (besides the above courses): Structure of Chinese Company, Chinese Economy, Chinese Trade, Chinese Accounting System and Field Trip to Companies

For the Non-degree Program
Department    Specialty
College of International Education    Chinese
Chinese Department: Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese, Calligraphy
History Department: Ancient History of China
Music Department: Vocal Music, Instrumental Music
Fine Arts Department: Traditional Chinese Painting, Oil Painting

For Bachelor Degree
Department    Specialty
College of International Education    Modern Chinese
Chinese Department: Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese, Calligraphy
History Department: General History of China
Music Department: Vocal Music, Instrumental Music
Fine Arts Department: Traditional Chinese Painting

For Master Degree
Department    Specialty
Chinese Department: Calligraphy
History Department: Ancient History of China, Modern History of China
Education Department: Educational Psychology
College of International Education: Modern Chinese

For Doctor Degree
Department    Specialty
Chinese Department: Calligraphy
History Department: Ancient History of China, World History
Education Department: Educational Psychology
Mathematics Department: Pure Mathematics

I. For the Non-degree Program
1. For the long-term program
Students study for more than one semester. The semester begins in February and September. According to students¡¯ grade in the placement test, they will be assigned to different levels.
2. For the short-term program
Students study for no more than six months and are recruited at any time.

II. For the Non-degree Program in Other Departments
1. For the Common None-degree Program
Students should choose three courses every semester and attend the classes with
Chinese undergraduates. Students will obtain certificates after they pass all the
2. For the Senior None-degree Program
Students or scholars study in the departments and engage in research with the
supervision of their tutor.

III. The foreign scholars come to CNU to do academic research

IV. For the Degree Program 
Students for bachelor degree, master degree and doctor degree take courses according to the regulations of school. They will obtain diploma when they complete their courses.


I. For the short-term program
1. Requirements: the applicants should be 18-65 years old, be healthy, abide by the law of China and the regulations of Capital Normal University.
2. Teaching Arrangement
Time: 8:00 am -12:00 pm     Monday-Friday    20 hours/week
Content of Courses: speaking, listening, watching and listening etc. focusing on training and enhancing the students¡¯ ability of language communication in Chinese.
Placement: the students will be placed in different level of classes accordingly.
3. Application
Ally 5 months in advance. Fill out the application form for international students completely
and send it back one month before the classes begin.
The program won’t be offered unless there are more than 5 students in a group, who are at a similar level of Chinese.
4. Applying for visa
Having received the visa application form (JW202 form) and the admission notice, applicants can apply for a visa at Chinese Embassy.

II. The long-term students and the none-degree program students in other departments please submit the following materials 4 months before the classes begin
1. CNU application form for international students
2. The senior none-degree program students and scholars need to provide a detailed research plan
3. A signed guarantee statement
4. Application fee: $50
The applicants for the fall semester will get reply by the end of May and those for the spring semester will get reply by the end of November.

III. For the Degree Program
Applicants for bachelor degree please submit the following before April 1st.
1. CNU application form for international students
2. Recommendation of two teachers
3. Diploma and transcript
4. A signed guarantee statement
5. The HSK certificate, the grades of mathematics, physics and chemistry examinations held by the State Education Committee of China if apply to study in the departments of science
6. Application fee: US$50

Applicants will be notified of acceptance or otherwise by the end of May.

Applicants for master and doctor degree please submit the following by :

1. CNU Application Form for Foreign Students
2. Recommendation of two professors
3. Diploma and transcript; the applicants for doctor degree should submit their
thesis of master degree and its Chinese abstract
4. The HSK certificate
5. A signed guarantee statement
6. A Chinese application (including the studying plan and purpose)
7. Application fee: US$50; test fee: US$50
The Postgraduate Department of CNU arranges the examinations for the applicants every January (for master degree) and April (for doctor degree).

Applying for Visa
1. Have been admitted by CNU, the applicants should apply for visa at Chinese embassy with the Admission Notice and JW202 form or JW201 form. (Students who are going to study for more than six months should apply for an X visa, those who less than six months should apply for an F or X visa.

2. Ask for a physical examination form for foreign students at Chinese embassy and take a physical examination in the hospital. (Notice: please bring that form and the original blood tests for aids, syphilis and that of electrocardiogram)
3. Arrive to register at CNU according to the time on the Admission Notice.

CNU provides double-occupancy accommodation for foreign students. There are two kinds of dormitories. One is the dormitory with air-conditioner, public toilet, public bathroom, telephone, washing machine and kitchen; the other is the dormitory with toilet, air-conditioner, TV, public laundry and kitchen. A restaurant for foreign students is provided also.

For more information or application, please email [email protected].

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