Graduate school, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

Applications are invited for the position of teaching English in the Foreign
Languages Department, Graduate school, the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Native-speaker of English with Bachelor's or Master's Degree in any field of
knowledge, and experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages

Fourteen to sixteen class-hours per week, teaching oral and written English
to non-English major Ph. D students of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Covered medical care of 5000 RMB at a  maximum. Free guest-house
accommodations. One-way or round trip international travel to be covered pending the approved applicant's status. Paid winter vacation (3-4 weeks). Salary is beginning with 2800 and 3500 RMB yuan per month depending on the teaching status.

Teaching Applied Linguistics at

GSCAS, Beijing , China

Applications are invited for the position of a foreign expert teaching 7-8 graduate students working for an M.A. degree in Applied Linguistics with Foreign Languages Department, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GSCAS), at Beijing , People’s Republic of China . Position available September of 2003 through July of 2004 (a minimum 1-year contract).



—Teach 8-10 class-hours in an 8-hour, 5-day week in two (the minimum) of the following courses:

—Work together with the Chinese faculty in overseeing and monitoring the progress of first-year M.A. candidates toward their degrees, informing and counseling students about thesis writing, coordinating the Faculty Advising Program and serving on Academic Board whose decisions affect students in question. S/he reports to the Department Chair.



—Master’s degree in Linguistics or Applied Linguistics required; Professors in the field preferred;

—At least 2-3 years experience in graduate-level teaching in the mentioned fields;

—Possessing maturity, good work ethics and confidence required for teaching at the graduate level;

—In good physical condition and easy to fit in well with the Chinese community.



—A covered medical care for an annual amount of 5000 RMB Yuan;

—Free guest-house accommodations;

—Round trip international air travel;

—Paid winter vacation (3-4);

—4000 RMB Yuan per month at a minimum


To apply for this position, the interested candidates should submit:

—An application letter which indicates job interest, purpose of working overseas, telephone/fax number, and email address and a completed application form with a recent passport photo (the forms provided upon request);

—Resume and two reference letters;

—Photocopy of degree credentials together with the latest official transcript;

—Health certificate attached with the blood-test lab report (forms provided upon request).