Teaching at Beijing Univ. Of Posts And Telecoms As A Foreign Languages Expert

Qualification: Bachelor and above; preferably with related field knowledge and teaching experience, with citizenship of U.S. or U.K, or more than 10 years a resident in U.S. or U.K. up to now since 12 and under.
Salary: RMB2600, bachelor degree with minimum teaching experience; RMB2800, master with minimum teaching experience; RMB3200, Ph.D. with minimum teaching experience. RMB200-400 raise is possible for experienced candidates.
Accommodation: One or two-room apartment with toilet, but without kitchen, charge free. Meals are provided by cafeteria with reasonable price.
Travel: Round trip air ticket for international airline. RMB1000 tour allowance per year.
Medical Care: Up to RMB1000 medical expense for minor diseases. A conventional medical exam is expected to be done at home to ensure a healthy status. HIV and other related medical exams will be done upon arrival at the expense of the university.
Workload: 14 hours per week; consultative aids to Chinese teachers; tape recording for exams.
Other Benefits: free attendance at Chinese learning classes.

Materials required for application:
CV, recent (within one month) conventional exam report, final degree diploma, passport page with photo.

For more information or application, please email [email protected].

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