Baotou Teachers College

Baotou Teachers' College is Located in the city of Baotou, known as a city of rare earth, a beautiful steel city in the grassland. It is a college of higher education, serving the purposes of educating students for middle schools, vocational education, further education and job training.

The college comprises two schools, namely, Further Educaiton School, Art School and 12departments, one attached middle school, one attached primary school,
21majors authorized to grant bachelor's degree or associate degree, namely, Chinese, law, History, English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Environmental Resources and Protection, Physical Education, Computer, Modern Education Technology, Music, Art and  Elementary Education. Now there are
7000 students. The staff is 887 and the teaching staff is 429, among which there are 124 professors and vice-professors. Respected professors are invited both
from home and abroad to the college for lectures and programs.

The college has a garden campus, covering a total area of 384,590 square meters, and its buildings have a total area of 165,176 square meters. The library has a
collection of 496,000 copies. The college has 45 labs with modern facilities for teaching and research work. Computer assisted teaching system, the audiovisual
system, the campus-wide computer net, 201 campus-wide telephone net service, and the cable TV system play a very important part in the campus. The teaching
buildings, the lab buildings, the library building and the accommodation blocks combine humanity and their building style harmoniously, creating a strong sense
of a modern college with a local flavor.

The college has tried to enhance the international academic exchange. Teachers from Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand and Japan have been invited to work in the college. The college has established links with Elpaso Community College, the USA, Far East University, South Korea, Science and Technology
University, Sydney. The college will be larger with the more democratic
management. The college will advance rapidly in the teaching facilities, standards and qualities as a college with more departments and majors and its own

We are looking for 3 foreign teachers for next term in January. They will work 16 hours a week and teach spoken English and writing. We have two types of students, college students and middle school students. We provide 3000RMB as monthly salary, one way international airfare, free accommodations, 2200RMB travel allowance a year. We can help the teacher to go through the procedures of health insurance in China.

For more information or application, please email [email protected].

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