University of Silicon Lake


University of Silicon Lake (USL) is located in Kunshan, between Shanghai and Suzhou. The university provides daily shuttle bus service to Shanghai and Suzhou, 40 minutes each way. The following is the description of the university and its programs.

1. General Principles 
USL is a new university for a new century. The University, modeled on Stanford University in Silicon Valley, provides the ideal environment for intellectual development of its students. Its primary goal is to nurture students' talent as to develop both deep knowledge of one's field of study as well as superior professional skills. 

The University promotes development of science and Chinese culture throughout the world and acts as a catalyst for development talented individuals with the focus on advanced technology.

2. The Schools 
When USL is in full operation, it will have eight schools. The university's curriculum will combine academic knowledge with practical skills, and the hands-on experience in respective field will be encouraged. In accordance with this principle the priority attention will be given to Sciences, second to Design and then to Management.

According to USL's philosophy that a strong command of English language is an important vehicle to gain academic and professional knowledge, the English Language School is a central component of the University. The curriculum emphasizes the scientific research in advanced industrial technologies. Therefore there will be four schools devoted to scientific/technological research: Biological Engineering School, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School, Environmental Engineering School, and the School of Information and Electronic Engineering. The sixth school will be the Design School responding to the needs of a modern hi-tech marketplace. The Management School will focus on training of competitive administrative and sales personnel. Finally the Law School will provide the students with the contemporary legal knowledge.

3. Program of Study
The first year requirements are: English Language, Introduction to Computers, Mathematics, and Chinese. By the end of the freshmen year the students are required to pass the BEND 4, National Exam of English Language, or reach the score of 500 at TOEFL. This last requirement is introduced to insure that the students by their second year are able to take their courses in English. Also the students are required to be familiar if not fluent with computer hardware and software, including technologies such as the internet or word processing.

By their second year the students, with the assistance of the faculty members will choose their major, according to their personal talents and interests. Thereafter the students will follow the specific requirements of the School they've chosen to attend. The University will encourage students to take basic courses from other disciplines, outside their major, to promote versatility. 

By the senior year (provided they've gathered enough credits) students will be required to get an internship in a campus based company, run by the faculty. University will provide an opportunity for especially gifted individuals to obtain diplomas in more than one field (majors).

4. Keeping up with the World
The USL and the Morrison College in Reno, Nevada cooperate and recognize each other's credits. The alumni of the USL will be able to receive the Morrison College diploma, and reverse will be possible as soon as the Board of Education of China approves it. Besides of adopting advanced teaching methods, the USL will introduce the newest textbooks available in the English language. Most of the courses from the second year and up will be taught in English. The Morrison University periodically send their experienced faculty members to act as consultants. 

During each of the three semesters of the academic year, USL invites renowned experts from different countries as guest lecturers, to introduce a variety of new ideas in different technological and scientific fields.

5. Combining Study, Research, and Practical Skills
The curriculum pays equal attention to academic knowledge and practical skills. Each school will create a competitive environment for the students. The faculty members will run various companies on campus in which the students will be encouraged to participate in various aspects (research, sales, management, etc.). The problems encountered during these "internships" will be brought back to the classroom, and reviewed there. Student's performance during this practical training will be an important part of his/her academic evaluation.

6. USL: Future Center of Professional and Academic Excellence
USL is located in Hua Qiao area in KunShan, in Jiangsu province, near Shanghai.
Because of this strategic location it will attract many professionals from the area and adjacent provinces. There are many industrial development districts in the school's vicinity, such as the Sino-Singapore Industrial Park or Pudong Special District. In the future the USL will be at the core of a dynamic high-tech industrial area, attracting many foreign and domestic companies as well as highly skilled professionals. In the near future the USL will become a center for training of individuals in management and advanced technology.

Faculty House

Requirements: Native speaker of English, minimum bachelor's degree, commitment to teaching, teaching experience preferred, but not required.

Workload: 20 hours a week Monday through Friday
Salary: RMB2,500/month for bachelor degree holders and RMB3,000/month for master degree holders
Living allowance: RMB500/month. 
Allowance for teaching supplies: RMB100/month
Housing: Free, air-conditioned, heated and furnished one-bedroom apartment complete with color TV, telephone, kitchen, microwave and wash machine
Airfare: Round-trip ticket reimbursed upon the completion of one year of teaching

The university will also provide free Chinese lessons (2-3 classes per week), free bikes, weekend shuttle
bus from the campus to Shanghai or Suzhou for shopping, a free local trip per month.

Please contact if you are interested in applying for a position.

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