Summer Teaching in China 2003


In response to popular demand for teaching short-term in China in the summer of 2003, the U.S.-China Educational Exchange is working with a number of universities and schools in China to create summer English programs. Summer programs typically last for four weeks from mid-July to mid-August. Teachers will teach about 20 hours a week. There are programs that start earlier or end later. In exchange for your service, most host schools in China will provide a local stipend in addition to free housing. The ratio of exchange between USD and RMB is about 1:8. Some host schools provide three free meals, others provide free lunch only and still others don't provide any meal. Most host schools will also organize local tours. You will be responsible for your own airfare, but we can assist you getting a cheap ticket through our connection with U.S. air consolidators. Depending on where you depart from and when you book your ticket, we can usually, but not always, get you a round-trip ticket to China for less than $800-900. These opportunities are particularly suited for people who plan to travel to China irrespective of teaching or for teachers on vacation. The general requirements include 1) native speaker of English, 2) commitment to teaching, 3) minimum bachelor's degree. The degree requirement can sometimes be waived on a case-by-case basis if you have teaching experience or can adequately prepare yourself before you arrive. Arrangement can also be made for those college students who have not received their degree, but are willing to work as an unpaid assistant teacher in exchange for free room and board. For specific requirements pertaining to individual programs, please see the program descriptions below.


Since all of these programs are our own creation, they involve a lot of legwork, plodding and logistic preparation for us and our associates in China . For this reason, there is an application fee of $50. This fee will be refunded to you in its entirety if we fail to place you at a program to your satisfaction. We are proud to let you know that we have never failed to place anyone who met the requirements. This is a one-time fee or lifetime membership fee in that if you decide to go back to China in the future to teach, long-term or short-term, we'll provide the placement service to you free of charge for as many times as you want. Our service for placing semester-long or yearlong teachers is free.


If you decide to participate in a summer program in China, you have a further option. We organize a two-week pre-teaching tour to China that departs at the end of June. The tour will take you to Hong Kong, Guilin, Xi'an, Beijing and Shanghai, the classic golden tour to China that President Clinton took in 1998. A recent issue of National Geographic listed ten places in the world that one must visit in his or her lifetime and two of them are in China: Hong Kong and the Great Wall in Beijing. These two places are prominently on our itinerary. At the end of the tour, you can stay behind to teach the summer program. This is an option only. You can always arrive directly at the summer program site. If you participate in our tour, the application fee to the summer program will be waived. If you are interested in the tour, please visit /tours.htm for detailed information. If you won’t be able to participate in this tour because of the dates or itinerary, but would like to travel around in China before or after teaching, we’d be happy to arrange customized tours for you.


The following programs have been confirmed for 2003.


Program 1


Summer English Language Program 2003 in Xi'an


LOCATION: Xi'an Bo-Ai School, Xi'an, China


SPONSORS:   Xi’an Bo-Ai School with approval by the National Committee for Education and the Education Committee of Shaanxi Province.










A (6 Pax)

3 weeks

June 14

July 6

June 15- July 5

B (16 Pax)

3 weeks

July 5

July 27

July 6- July 26

C (16 Pax)

2 weeks

July 26

Aug 10

July 27- Aug 9

D (6 Pax)

2 weeks

Aug 9

Aug 24

Aug 10- Aug 23



1.        All North American volunteer teachers are required to arrive at Xi’an Bo-Ai School before 12:00 noon on the arrival day.

2.        “Departure Date" refers to the date to depart from Xi’an. (Note: you may extend your time in China before or after your teaching commitment)

3.        Participants are advised to choose and teach one of the 4 programs.

4.        The maximum of teachers needed for Programs A and D are 6 teachers, and for Programs B and C are 16 teachers.


NATURE OF THE PROGRAM: To teach Chinese students conversational English. The age of the students ranges from 8 to 16 years old. Most of the students have studied English for 2 to 4 years. The school prepares the teaching textbooks for the teachers to refer to. Teachers are welcome to bring with them easy reading materials, pictures, flashcards, etc. Each teacher is required to teach a small class of 8 to 10 students, for three hours a day, five days a week.

QUALIFICATION OF TEACHERS: Native speakers of the English language, such as American college students, schoolteachers and retired teachers who love children and are willing to teach conversational English.

TRAVEL AND COST: This is a service/study program. The school will provide free lodging (double occupancy) and food (three meals a day), free local transportation, free laundry and free tours in Xi'an and surrounding places of historical interest on weekends. The international air tickets, tickets flying into Xi'an and out of Xi'an are the responsibility of the teachers. Local phone calls are free, but long-distance calls will be at the teacher's own expenses.

WEEKEND TOURS: Xi'an has a history of 2,000 years as Chinese capital in ancient times. There is a wealth of valuable historical relics both above and under ground. Weekend tours include: Qin Terra-cotta Army Museum, Banpo Neolithic Village Museum, Huaqing Hot Springs, Shaanxi History Museum, Forest of Atone Tablets, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, The City Walls, The Han Tombs, The Tang Tombs, Famensi-City of Buddhism, Zhou Yuan (Land of Bronze) Museum, Home visits, Visit to Villages, etc.


Upon your acceptance, an official notice and a contract will be sent to the applicant. Your signed contract should be sent back before you apply for your entry visa. You can send back your signed contract either by Fax or email.

The school will meet and pick up every teacher at the Xi'an Airport on the arrival dates. In case your flight is changed at the last minute, and nobody shows up when you arrive in
Xi'an , please call (029) 660-1196, or 1370-920-7602.

On the 2nd day after arrival, there is a short orientation program. The teachers will be shown around the campus and get familiar with different departments and facilities. The teachers will spend a few hours to prepare their first class in the next day.

At the request of the teachers, the school is willing to offer them classes (free of charge) on Chinese language, history, arts, Marshal Arts, etc.

If the teachers plan to tour to other Chinese cities after the program, the school will help make the arrangement via travel service.

TEACHERS FOR LONGER TERMS.     Being an English/computer/sports orientated school, Bo-Ai is one of the key private schools in Xi'an . English-speaking teachers, including retired teachers, senior couples and college graduates are most welcome to Bo-Ai to teach spoken English for longer terms, say, one year or six months. In addition to the above-mentioned arrangement, these long-term teachers will be given a small stipend every month.  

Program 2

Host: China University of Mining and Technology

Location: Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province

Xuzhou (pronounced Hsuchow) is a historic city of 2000 years where many excavations of Han dynasty (206 B.C - 220 A.D.) tombs have been made. By train, it is five hours from Nanjing, the provincial capital to the south, four hours from Lianyungang, a scenic seaside city lying at the east end of the Euroasia Land bridge (the other end being Rotterdam), and two-three hours from Qufu, Confucius hometown.

Number of teachers needed: 3

Students: English teachers and Intermediate learners

Dates: July 15 to August 10

Salary: 3,00RMB

Housing: Free

Meals: Free

Workload: Four hours/day, M-F

Courses to teach

1. TEFL for English language teachers; advanced reading and writing

2. English skills for reading and speaking

3. Conversation for intermediate learners

Free trips to Qufu, Confucius hometown and the city of Lianyugang.


Program 3

Host: Royal Foreign Language School, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province

Location: Situated on the Pearl River delta, the modern city of Zhuhai is close to Guangzhou and Macau, and is also within easy reach of Hong Kong (One hour boat ride). A favorite holiday destination, Zhuhai was one of China 's first special economic zones and enjoys a reputation for its good air and clean environment. Nominated by a UN survey as one of the ten most desirable cities in the world to live in, Zhuhai is also rapidly becoming known as a centre for education and training and several major universities are opening new campuses and research centers.

Dates: July 15 to August 20

Salary: 2000RMB

Housing: Free.

Meals: Two free meals a day.

Workload: 20 hours/week

Teachers and students will live together in a way that we call "International English Family". The students, ranging between 7 and 18, will be divided by their age and English level. In the mornings, there will be 3 hours English courses and in the afternoon, there will be some activities. On the weekend, we will arrange some trips around the area, some islands, some springs, some mountains, and so on.

2 teachers are needed for the program. Experience is required.


Program 4

Summer Program at WECL English College in Beijing , Dalian and Xiamen

WECL English College is the first ALL English School in Chinese education history since 1949. All its faculty members are native English speakers from North America . All textbooks and teaching materials used at WECL are originally written in English. The instructing language at WECL is English. On and off campus, students are required to communicate in English only.

WECL offers a two-year college level program in English. It is a combined study of English language, Computer Application and World Affairs. The English language courses enable the graduates to reach the level that they can freely use the language in pursuing their further study in any higher education institute worldwide in which the language of instruction is English. The computer courses enable the graduates to apply the learned modern computer knowledge and skills at WECL in their study, work and life. The world affairs courses enable the graduates to have a deeper and better understanding of the world in political, economic, and general fields. The world affairs courses emphasize in American and Canadian geography, history and society. Over all, the two-year combined study program at WECL, with the purpose to prepare its graduates to have all the basic and necessary knowledge and skills to do either their further study in a higher education institute in which English is the instructing language, or to work in an English environment globally.

*Subject to teach: Conversational English
*Teaching period: July 14 to August 8
*Maximum teaching hours per week: 17, Monday - Friday
*Benefit Package: free accommodations

*Salary: 3500RMB
*Local tour: free & arranged
* Number of teachers needed: 8 in each site

*Type of Program: Conversation English, beginning and intermediate

*Textbook: "A Conversation Book, English in Everyday Life, the revised Third Edition", published by Prentice Hall Regents.


A special note on WECL English College in Xiamen:

We are located in the beautiful island city of Xiamen in southeastern China. Xiamen is about one hour by air or 10 hours by bus from Hong Kong and is connected by train to Shanghai, Beijing and Xian. It is also connected by boat to Taiwan the only direct link in China. The city has been rated year after year as the most livable city in China due to its relative cleanliness, quiet (honking of horns is illegal) and its many parks and beaches. Although there is a local dialect similar to that in Taiwan , Mandarin is also widely spoken here. This is because many of the residence come from outside the province. Finally, Xiamen is small ?only 500,000 people ?so it maintains much of Chinese traditional culture. If you hate crowds, noise and pollution and want to experience the real China , then this is the ideal place for you.


A special note about the program in Dalian :

Dalian is a beautiful port city in Liaoning Province, northeast China popular with Chinese and foreigners during the summer. The program is located at Liaoning Normal (Teachers) University.


Program 5

Summer Program in Shenzhen

The program will be held in Long Gang, Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong . The main purpose of the program is to create an immersion environment for Chinese students to practice their English, learning foreign cultures and enjoy themselves in summer time. It’s also a good opportunities for foreign teachers to know more about Chinese culture and enjoy their stay with Chinese families.


The program will start from July 14th to Aug. 8th, 2003 , Monday to Friday, morning classes, afternoon activities. Arrangement will be made on the weekend for teachers to visit places in Guangdong Province.


All teachers will homestay with local upscale Chinese families, who will provide all the meals. All the weekend tours in Guangdong will be covered by the program.


Salary: 2000RMB for people without teaching experience and 2500RMB for people with experience.


Program 6
BJJH Primary School in Beijing

   12-days summer program 

  Location: West Chang An Street, close to a metro station

   Start date: around July 20th

  School will offer free accommodations including a furnished air-conditioned room with a private bathroom (no TV, refrigerator, etc.) on campus, free meals and a stiped of 1,000RMB.

  Workload: About 6 teaching periods per day, each period being 40 mins. There is two-days off or two-day city-tour with your students in the middle of the 12 days.

  Students' age: 7-12 years

  Class-size: 25

  Teaching goal: improving the students conversational English, they have had some conversational English skills depending on their grades.


Other sites will be announced when firmed up. Don't lose heart if the schedule of any of the programs fits yours because we can very likely match you with someone who also has an irregular schedule, but it would be much easier for us and the program sponsors if you can at least either start at the beginning and leave early or start in the middle and teach till the end. It would be far more difficult if you want to join a program later and leave it earlier.


If you decide to apply for a summer position, please send us the following:


1.      Your resume, both hard copy and electronic copy via email. Please include your citizenship, passport number, marital status and date of birth in your resume. If you do not have email access, please submit a disk that contains your resume file.

2.      Copy of the first page of your passport with such information as your passport number, expiration date and date of birth.

3.      Copy of your highest degree and teaching certificates, if any.

4.      Names and contact information of two references.

5.      Two photos (as required by the host schools for visa purposes).

6.      Please rank your preferences of the programs and indicate if there is any program you do not wish to teach.

7.      An application fee of $50, payable to U.S.-China Educational Exchange in the form of a check or money order, should be sent with the rest of the documents to:


    U.S.-China Educational Exchange

15 Locust Street

Jersey City , NJ 07305


This fee will be refunded to you in its entirety should we fail to place you at one of the programs. This is a one-time or life-time fee in that if you decide to go back to China in the future to teach long-term or short-term after you have returned from teaching there, we'll provide the placement service to you free of charge for as many times as you want.


The above constitutes an application. There is no other form to fill out. Placement is conducted on a first-come-first-served basis until the positions are filled.


Feel free to ask us if you have any questions. For information about our organization and other programs, please check




U.S.-China Educational Exchange

15 Locust Street

Jersey City, NJ 07305