Suzhou International Foreign Languages School

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Suzhou International Foreign Languages School (SIFLS) is a 6-year-old private boarding school. It is situated on 50 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds next to the Yangcheng Lake, one of the many beautiful lakes in the Suzhou area. Suzhou, often referred to as the "Oriental Venice", is an ancient city of gardens an hour away from Shanghai. There are presently 2,000 students in 1st through 11th grades. The subjects taught at SIFLS are: math, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, computer science, English, Chinese, Japanese, music and physical education. The school year consists of two terms. The first term runs from September to February and the second term runs from February to July.

SIFLS is located just 3 miles from downtown Suzhou. The school has two buses
that make daily runs to and from Suzhou. Taxi rides are inexpensive and of course, there is the traditional Chinese mode of transportation, the bicycle, which is supplied by the school.

Requirements: Native speaker of English, minimum bachelor's degree, commitment to teaching, teaching experience preferred, but not required.
Workload: 20 hours/week
Salary: RMB3,000/month for bachelor degree holders and RMB3,500/month for master degree holders
Food subsidy: RMB500/month. If you choose to eat in the school cafeteria, the meals will be free, but you still receive the RMB500 food subsidy
Housing: Free, air-conditioned, heated and furnished
Free internet access
Airfare: Round-trip ticket reimbursed upon the completion of one year of teaching
The school provides Chinese language class, calligraphy class and taichi class at your request.

For additional photos of the school, please visit SIFLS.

Please contact if you are interested in applying for a position.

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