Sichuan Engineering Technology College

Northwest of Sichuan plain stands Deyang city, the most famous industrial city in China . In this beautiful area, you can enjoy some attractive travel places: SanXingDui Museum (often referred to as the Ninth Wonder), which is considered  the historical site of ancient Shu kingdom, the stone Art Wall of Deyang, and you can visit Dujiang Irrigation System and Chengdu Panda Base. Sichuan Engineering Technology College (SETC) lies in this wonderful and vigorous place.

SETC is authorized by MOE (Ministry of Education), which was founded in 1959. SETC covers about 400 mu at present. There are perfect facilities for teaching, living and study. There are flowers and green trees here and there. SETC has been concentrating on international exchange activities since 1995. SETC has maintained long-term cooperative relationships with UVSC and Canada Confederation College . We have hired many foreign teachers or experts for short-tern or long-term. With the help of these foreign teachers and experts, we have achieved many progresses. Therefore we still maintain close contact with these foreign teachers and experts. We wish to convey to them our hearty appreciation.

In recently years, the international exchange and cooperation have developed greatly. We warmly welcome more foreign teachers and experts will come to Sichuan Engineering Technology College . If you are interested in coming to our college, please do not hesitate to contact us. Some details are as follows.

Courses to teach:
Audio visual English, Oral English,
Reading and Writing of English, Business English etc.

Salary and Benefits:

Please contact if you are interested in applying for a position.