Qingdao International Foreign Language School

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Qingdao International Foreign Language School is invested by the famous American Chinese scholar, Mr. Liang Shuncai, president of the board of directors of Langshi Educational Group which owns Morlegen University U.S.A., Silicon University China and Suzhou International School besides Qingdao International Foreign Language School.  

Qingdao International Foreign Language School is a large boarding private school ranging from kindergarten, primary school, middle school to senior school. It is Mr. Liang’s another masterpiece after a great success in founding Suzhou International :Foreign Language School.

Qingdao International Foreign Language School locates in the vicinity of Qingdao city, very close to the famous scenic area, Laoshang Mountains, and also Aushangwan Bay which boasts scenic beauty. The school project of the first period covers 40 hectares with the total architectural area of 50,000 square meters and can accommodate 3,000 students. The school is highly computerized in education. The school network is the largest among all the private schools all over the country. The school is facilitated with separated piano rooms, art and physical training gymnasium, ceramic art center, handcraft art room, library, track and field runway and so on besides the 14-storeyed main building. Each of these is built facing the sea with its own special feature.

It provides students with advanced and special curriculum while achieving the set standard of courses the nation requires. The school is committed to first level and high quality education for all students.

The school has established very good relationship with Nanjing Foreign Language School , Shanghai Xiangming Middle School and more than ten schools in America, Britain, Australia, Japan etc.


1.Working Hours

Two weeks form a session, 10.5 working days are to be followed by 3.5 days off, 38 standard teaching periods in a session. The additional pay should be RMB 50 Yuan for each additional period

2. Salary and Living Condition

Basic monthly salary is RMB 3,000 yuan with living subside of RMB 700 yuan, Master's degree bonus RMB 500yuan and teacher’s certificate bonus RMB 500 yuan.  If both parties are satisfied with each other and continue the second year contract, the school will raise 500 yuan in monthly salary year by year.

3. Travel Allowance

If the teacher completes half-year contract, he or she will be reimbursed for half of his or her roundtrip economic-class international airfare not exceeding$400 (to be paid in RMB or US dollars). If the teacher completes a one-year contract, he or she will be reimbursed for his or her roundtrip economic-class international trip airfare up to $800 (to be paid in RMB or US dollars). If the teacher didn't purchase a roundtrip ticket, the school will provide the teacher with a one-way economic-class international air ticket before the expiration of the contract up to $400. The teacher is responsible for providing the evidence of fare payment to the school. The school also shall pay for the teacher's travel expenses back and forth between the entry city and the place of work.

4. Holiday Allowance

Within the duration of the contract, basic salary shall be paid in vocation, but no payment of bonus. The teacher is entitled to his/her country's holidays as follows: Christmas for two days, if the teacher requests to celebrate his/her National Day, he/she is entitled to a one-day holiday.

5. Housing and Expense

The school shall provide the teacher a separate apartment with kitchen utensil, separate washroom, bedroom, waiting room, furniture, Color TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, air-conditioner equipment. The is responsible for the loss of the equipment and utensil, and should compensate for a loss or damage according to the cost. The electricity bill for the teacher’s own apartment and long-distance phone calls shall be paid by the teacher.

The school shall provide the teacher with three meals in campus dinning hall three times a day free of charge, home cooking is possible at the teacher’s own cost.

6. Medical Expense and insurance

Upon completion of the contract, the school will provide the teacher with the following items of expenses:

An insurance allowance of US$100 per year.

A medical allowance of RMB 1.000yuan per year, but no allowance for daily medical treatment.

7.Two Chinese classes will be arranged for foreign teachers once a week free of charge.

 Please contact HSINTL@aol.com if you are interested in applying for a position.

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