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Position:                ESL English Teachers


Start Date:             September, December 2002 &Year Round


Location:               No. 850 Ta-Ya Road Sec. 1, Chiayi 600, Taiwan R.O.C.


Job Description:   Noble American Children's' School presently has 20 classrooms, computer lab, library, playground, and teacher 



There are 15 Kindergarten classes with three different age levels.

    Level 1 - Ages 2 -3, maximum 15 students per classroom, one foreign teacher,  one Chinese teacher.

    Level 2 - Ages 3-4, maximum 20 students per classroom, one foreign teacher, one Chinese teacher.

    Level 3 - Ages 5-6, maximum 20 -24 students per classroom, one foreign teacher.


There are five Elementary classes:

    Grade 1, maximum 15 students, one foreign teacher

    Grade 2, maximum 15 students, one foreign teacher

    Grades 3 - up are evening classes.


The computer lab has 10 stations. We presently only offer a 1 hour class per week, due to the lack of instruction.  This will expand in

the future.


Teachers are required to prepare for and teach classes in the Comprehensive and Intensive English  programs. Responsibilities include,

but are not limited to: check and correct students' classroom work and homework, prepare and present lesson plans, daily checklist to

parents, monthly student evaluations.


Qualifications:      BA, TESL Certificate, North American Native English Speaker, Early Childhood Education/teaching experience preferred, One year contract


Salary/Hours:        NT$53,000 per month (approximately $2,500 Can.)

                                Monday - Friday, six teaching hours per day: 8:00 am - 5:00pm or 12:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday and every hour over six teaching hours per day will be paid as over-time at NT$400 per hour (approx. $19.00 Can.).


Income tax is deducted at a rate of 6% for 183 working days and more per year; 20% deduction for under 183 working days in one year.


Benefits:                Paid Holidays: There are approximately eight national Holidays, plus Christmas and Chinese New Year.

                                One week off at the beginning of July - half-pay.


Airplane ticket allowance: You will receive approximately $320 Can, allowance for you airplane ticket at the end of the third month of employment, another $320 Can, allowance for your airplane ticket at the end of your 12th month of employment.


Health Insurance provided: You will be covered by our national health care program once you receive your resident visa, sponsored by the Noble American Children's School.  You will only need to pay 1/4 of the health care insurance fee, approximately NT$300 ($14 Can), per month, the Noble American Children's School will pay the remainder.


Please contact if you are interested in applying for a position.