Nanning Junior Teachers' College (NJTC)

Nanning Junior Teachers' College (NJTC), one of the seven teachers' colleges in Guangxi Province, is a professional school of higher education authorized by the Ministry of Education in 1978.

Located in Longzhou, a town of historic interest and scenic beauty, bordering Vietnam about 30 miles on the west, southwest of Guangxi, China, the campus of NJTC covers an area of over 200 mu (about 14 hectares), with buildings of specific style, and high quality air. The college has fine environment for studying and teaching. It has five dormitory buildings for students to live in, three classroom buildings, one comprehensive library of 200,000 volumes of various books, journals, and magazines. In addition, there are two well-equipped language labs, a computer center and a multi-media classroom. Living and studying here is not only interesting, but enlightening.

The college now acts as an important base of training primary and junior middle school teachers for the Nanning region and its vicinity. There are now 6 departments with 10 majors. The college has over 2,500 resident students

Contract time: one year
Courses: spoken English, conversation, writing
Workload: 16 hours/week
Monthly salary (RMB): 3,000
Annual travel allowance (RMB) 2,200
Air fare (RMB): round trip for one year contract
Free boarding: apartment equipped with air-conditioner, kitchen utensils, furniture and other necessities.

Please contact if you are interested in applying for a position.

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