Hubei University

Hubei University is located in Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei Province. Its seven-decade development turns Hubei University into a key comprehensive university covering arts, history, philosophy, science, engineering, economics, law, management, education, and medicine.

Hubei University offers at its main campus 42 undergraduate (bachelor degree) and 35 postgraduate (master degree) courses in ten faculties: Humanities, Business, Law, Mathematics and Computer Science, Life Science, Physics and Electronic Engineering, Chemistry and Material Science, Education, and Foreign Studies. The main campus also includes Adult Education College and International School. There are 23 research institutes and centers plus two national centers: Center for Chinese Language and Literature and Center for Biochemistry. 15 key disciplines and one laboratory are qualified as reaching the top standard at the provincial level.

Based at the main campus are Hubei Training Center for Teachers of Higher Educational Institutions and Sino-British ELT Center. The university also has another campus in Wuchang, a Vocational School of Technology in Hankou, and an Academy of Military Training. The student enrollment amounts to 22,000, including 14,000 full-time students.

Hubei University attracts as many as 1890 excellent and devoted staff members,  800 of whom are faculty members for teaching and research, including two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, eight doctoral supervisors, and more than 350 professors and associate professors. Three professors are selected into China's Project for Talents, one into the Education Ministry's Plan for Fostering Trans-century Personnel, seven into Hubei Project for “111” Talents, 28 as trans-century academic pioneers and 14 as key academic researchers for Higher Education in Hubei Province. Twenty-two professors hold the title of National or Provincial Expert of Middle and Young Age Making Outstanding Contributions. Forty-seven enjoy the bonus awarded by the State Council, provincial and municipal administrations. Since 1991, eighty teachers have won Zeng Xianzi Prize for Teachers or other awards issued by the national, ministerial, and provincial authorities.

Hubei University contributes greatly in scientific research, technology service, and application of research achievement. Since 1996 highly effective researches focus on the fields of new material, electronic information, biological engineering, basic mathematics, Chinese traditional medicine modernization, seed selection of homely crop species, Chinese ancient literature, Chinese cultural history, ancient books sifting, and ethics. Many well-known experts and scholars undertake more than 850 ministerial and provincial projects, such as science fund, science and research key projects, publishing almost 600 books and more than one million academic journal articles, and winning more than 72 national and provincial science awards.

Hubei University enjoys a beautifully designed campus most suitable for teaching and learning. Its main campus houses a 410,000-square-metre floorage, and a further 180,000-square-metre floorage is under construction. There are one Hubei Polymer Material Medium Experimental Base, and a complex of three centers: Multimedia Teaching, Analysis and Testing, and Computing Network. Also available to the staff and students are 75 laboratories, 7,000 sets of equipment and instrument, 1.56 million volumes of books and journals in the library, and a computer network system directly linked with Chinese Education and Scientific Research Net, offering international information resources for teaching and research.

Hubei University values links with national and international institutions. It is also the venue for 34 national or provincial research institutions. The University Council composes of more than 30 enterprises and governmental departments for management efficiency. Hubei University publishes 11 academic journals, such as Hubei University Journal, Spider-Shaped Academic Journal, Chinese Journal of Colloid and Polymer, and German Philosophy.

Hubei University establishes international academic exchange and cooperation programs with different universities in more than ten countries and regions such as America, Australia, France and Japan. The university attracts every year teachers and experts from overseas, famous scholars from outside the university to teach and give lectures. International students as well as students from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao are enrolled in different degree or foundation courses.

Hubei University wins the award entitled Top University in China for excellence in teaching, research and physical education, and remains for many years as holder of the honor Best Provincial Institution. Since 1949, the university has contributed tremendously to the society with an output of more than 140,000 students with different majors, maintaining high employment rate with its graduates most attractive to the employers.

Hubei University`s 70-year history of difficulty and diligence mirrors a brilliant prospect of greater input and support from the Hubei Provincial Government. The staff and students are full of confidence, determination and devotion in further developing Hubei University into a nationally famous university with international reputation by the year 2005 with the strategies of striving for development, focusing on teaching and learning, motivating management efficiency, pioneering in discipline excellence, orienting to the societal needs, and targeting at enhancement of education quality and research strength.

Vacancy: 2

Teacher or Expert: teachers

Nationality: UK, Australia, American, Canada.

Education: above bachelor

Contract time: one year

Courses: oral English reading, writing, American literature

Workload: 16 hours / week

Monthly salary (RMB): 3000

Flight ticket: round trip

Annual travel allowance (RMB):2200

Free boarding: apartment(70-80 square meter)

Meals: cooking utensils provided

Boarding place: on campus

Place of position (city): Wuhan

Time to teach: as soon as possible

Please contact if you are interested in applying for a position.

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