Study in Shanghai, China

School Introduction

Founded in Shanghai in October 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of the universities under the direct auspices of the Ministry of Education. As a comprehensive university especially featuring teacher education, it has been assessed eligible for the "211 project", a national project of higher-educational development.

ECNU is well known as a "Garden University" for its beautiful campus with beautiful streams, luxuriant trees, green lawns and lovely flower. Scattered about the campus are buildings in traditional and western architectural styles.

With advanced teaching facilities as well as a strong teaching and research force, CNU has 13 academic schools and colleges. These are the Schools of: Humanities, Educational Science, Preschool Education & Special Education, Foreign Languages, Business, Law & Politics. Sports & Health, Sciences & Engineering, Natural Resources & Environmental Science, Life Science, Information Science & Technology, and Colleges of Software Technology and Vocational Education. These schools and colleges consist of 33 departments offering 53 undergraduate programs, 5 of which (i.e. Chinese language & literature, history, mathematics, geography and psychology) are on the list of State training and Research Bases for the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences.

In addition to its strength in the areas of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, the University has been making great efforts to develop a series of new disciplines based on recent hi-tech developments and on the current needs of the society (e.g. information science and technology, new materials, life science and technology, ecology, economics, sociology, administration, etc.). At present ECNU has 6 national priority disciplines, 1 state key laboratory, 3 key laboratories under the Ministry of Education, 1 municipal key laboratory and 5 research bases for the humanities and social sciences approved by the Ministry of Education. Its Graduate School offers 61 doctoral programs, 101 master's programs. It also has 8 mobile stations for post-doctoral research. Its teaching faculties include 6 academicians from China Academy of Science and China Academy of Engineering and over 1,100 full and associate professors. Besides 12,000 full-time undergraduate and 4,000 graduate students, every year nearly 1,000 international students from all over theworld are attracted to ECNU by its superior strength in many disciplines as well as in teaching Chinese language and Chinese culture.

ECNU has established inter-university cooperative relations with over 80 universities and educational institutes in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, including many top level institutions in the world such as Ecole Normale Superieur in France, University of VSA, Kobe University in Japan, and so on. More than 100 foreign experts were invited to be honorary professors and advisory professors of ECNU.

Bachelor's Degree (4 year):
Qualifications of the Applicants: Academic record equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate.

1. Pedagogy
2. Public Utilities Management
3. Psychology
4. Educational Technology
5. Physical Education
6. Ideological & Political Education
7. Law
8. Philosophy
9. History
10. Chinese Language & Literature
11. Radio and Television Editing and Directing
12. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
13. Musicology
14. Research of Fine Arts
15. English
16. French
17. Russian
18. German
19. Japanese
20. Economics
21. Finance and Banking
22. Information Management and Information System
23. Tourism Management
low relief model buildings
24. Business Management
25. Pure and Applied Mathematics
26. Information and Computing Science
27. Statistics
28. Physics
29. ElectronicScience & Technology
30. Microelectronics
31. Computer Science and Tech.
32. Chemistry
33. Biological Science
34. Biotechnology
35. Geography
36. Geographical Information System
37. Urban and Rural Planning and Resource Management
38. Environmental Science
39. Preschool Education
40. Special Education

Master's Degree (3 Years):
Qualifications of the Applicants: A bachelor's Degree or the equivalent

1. Marxist Philosophy
2. Chinese Philosophy
3. Foreign Philosophy
4. Logic
5. Ethics
6. Philosophy of Science and Technology
7. Political Economics
8. World Economics
9. Regional Economics
10. Finance
11. International Trade
12. Theory of Politics
13. Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement
14. History of the Chinese Communist Party
15. Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
16. Sociology
17. Demography
18. Anthropology
19. Theory of Education
20. Curriculum and Teaching Theory
21. History of Education
22. Comparative Education
23. Preschool Education
24. Higher Education
25. Adult Education
26. Vocational and Technical Education
27. Special Education
28. Educational Technology
29. Basic Psychology
30. Developmental and Educational Psychology
31. Applied Psychology
32. Sports Sociology
33. Kinesiology
34. Literature and Art Studies
35. Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
36. Chinese Language and Philology
37. Studies of Ancient Chinese Books and Writings
38. Ancient Chinese Literature
39. Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
40. Comparative Literature and World Literature
41. English Language and Literature
42. Russian Language and Literature
43. Japanese Language and Literature
44. Fine Arts
45. Theory of Historical Studies and History of Historiography
46. Specialized History (History of Thought)
47. Ancient Chinese History
48. Modern and Contemporary Chinese History
49. World History
50. Pure Mathematics
51. Numerical Analysis
52. Applied Mathematics
53. Probability and Mathematical Statistics
54. Operations Research and Control Theory
55. Theoretical Physics
56. Condensed State Physics
57. Optics
58. Radio Physics
59. Inorganic Chemistry
60. Analytical Chemistry
61. Organic Chemistry
62. Physical Chemistry
63. Polymer Chemistry and Physics
64. Physical Geography
65. Human Geography
66. Cartography and Geographic Information System
67. Meteorology
68. Quaternary Geology
69. Botany
70. Zoology
71. Physiology
72. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
73. Biophysics
74. Ecology
75. System Analysis and Integration
76. History of Science and Technology
77. Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
78. Communication and Information System
79. Computer Software and Theory
80. Computer Application
81. Environmental Science
82. Business Management
83. Tourist Management
84. Educational Economics and Administration
85. Information Science
86. Master Degree of Educational Speicality

Doctor's Degree (3 Years):
Qualifications of the Applicant's: A Master's Degree or the equivalent

1. Chinese Philosophy
2. World Economics
3. Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement
4. Theory of Education
5. Curriculum and Teaching Theory
6. History of Education
7. Comparative Education
8. Preschool Education
9. Higher Education
10. Adult Education
11. Vocational and Technical Education
12. Special Education
13. Educational Technology
14. Basic Psychology
15. Development and Educational Psychology
16. Kinesiology
17. Literature and Art Studies
18. Chinese Language and Philology
19. Ancient Chinese Literature
20. Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
21. English Language and Literature
22. Theory of Historical Studies and History of Hisoriography
23. Ancient Chinese History
24. Modern and Contemporary Chinese History
25. World History
26. Pure Mathematics
27. Numerical Analysis
28. Applied Mathematics
29. Probability and Mathematical Statistics
30. Operations Research and Control Theory
31. Optics
32. Radio Physics
33. Analytical Chemistry
34. Physical Geography
35. Human Geography
36. Cartography and Geographic Information System
37. Quaternary Geology
38. Botany
39. Zoology
40. Physiology
41. Ecology
42. System Analysis and Integration

General / Senior Scholar (1 Year):
All Specialties Above
Qualification of the Applicants: 2- year college study in the field / A Master's Degree in the field
Note: a one -year Chinese course is needed for those without certain mastery of Chinese.

Long-term Programs: Lasting from one semester to three years on a semester basis;
School starts in February and September every year;
Courses: Basic Chinese, Listening Comprehension,
  Reading in Chinese, Chinese Conversation,
  Newspaper and Journal Reading, Chinese Culture;
After-class activities (e.g. Shanghai city tour, acrobatic show, etc.);
Study tour to nearby cities with scenic spots and historical sites;
Excellent graduates may be admitted into degree study.
Short-term Programs: Lasting from a couple of weeks to a few months;
Flexibly organized according to different needs;
Various courses: Basic Chinese, Listening Comprehension,
  Chinese Conversation, Training on HSK;
After-class activities (e.g. Shanghai city tour, acrobatic show, etc.);
Trips to nearby cities can be organized if required.
Elective Courses:

Computer Operation in Chinese Version, Classical Chinese,
Business Chinese, Shanghai Dialect, Chinese Cuisine,
Traditional Chinese Instrument Performance, Massage, Taiji.

University Certificate will be conferred to those who have successfully completed the courses.
Undergraduate Study: 53 specialties in the areas of Education, Language, Business,Humanity, Natural Science, Computer Science, and Fine Arts;(for details, see Catalogue of Degree Study) Certificate of graduation will be conferred to those who have successfully completed the four-year programs; Bachelor degree will be conferred according to Regulations on Degrees of People's Republic of China.
Graduate Study: 101 master's programs (lasting 2.5-3 years) and 61 doctoral programs (lasting 3 years) in Education, Language, Business, Humanity, Natural Science, etc.(For details, see Catalogue of Degree Study) Certificate of graduation will be conferred to those who have successfully completed the programs Master's degree of Ph.D. will be conferred according to Regulations on Degrees of People's Republic of China.
Long-term Chinese program (every semester)
  Application fee: US$ 40
  Books and handouts: US$ 20
  Tuition: US$ 1,100
Short-term Programs
  Application fee: US$ 30
  Books and handouts: US$ 10
  Tuition: US$ 320 for four-week study and
US$ 60 for each additional week
  Activity fees: US$ 10 per week
Undergraduate Programs (every academic year)
  Application fee: US$ 40
  Tuition: programs in liberal arts: US$ 2,400
Programs in science: US$ 2,650
  Books: on your own
Master's Programs (every academic year)
  Application fee: US$ 40
  Tuition: programs in liberal arts: US$ 2,650
Programs in science: US$ 3,600
  Books: on your own
Doctoral Programs (every academic year)
  Application fee: US$ 40
  Tuition: programs in liberal arts: US$ 3,600
Programs in science: US$ 5,200
  Books: on your own
Programs in Fine Arts (every academic year)
  Application fee: US$ 40
  Tuition: undergraduate program: US$ 2,850
Master's program: US$ 3,400
  Study materials: on your own
Accommodations on campus
Double Room (public bathroom, phone and television): US$ 3.5 /bed /day
Double Room (public bathroom, air-conditioner, phone and television): US$ 7 /bed / day
Single Room (public bathroom, air-conditioner; phone and television): US$ 14 /room/day
International students may chose to live on campus or off campus. The Office of International Student Affairs of ECNU provides advise for those who want to live off campus.
To qualify for the programs offered by ECNU, you must be:
  • highly self-motivated
  • innocent of crimes
  • in good health
    Chinese Language Programs: anyone who is interested in learning Chinese language and culture
    Undergraduate Programs: (1)Acadenre record equivalent to a high school graduate
    (2)HSK level 3 for English Department and the Department of teaching Chinese as a foreign language
    (3)HSK level 6 on the department for mentioned above
    Graduate Programs: (1) A bachelor's degree or the equivalent.
    (2) A master's degree or the equivalent.
    (3) recommended by two scholars with professorship
    (4) Band 6 on the HSK
    (5) passing the entrance exams by ECNU Graduate School
    (6)aged below 35 for master's programs
    aged below 45 for doctoral programs


To apply for the long-term Chinese language study or degree studies (undergraduate and graduate programs),you may request APPLICATION FORM from the Office of International Student Affairs of ECNU. When applying for the intended program, you should submit:

  • the completed application form
  • certificate of final education and notarized copy of course transcript
  • application fee of US$ 40
  • certificate on the HSK (for degree studies)
  • letters of recommendation by two senior scholars with professorship (for graduate study)
Chinese Language Program: before January 10 for the Spring Semester
before June 15 for the Fall Semester
Undergraduate Programs: from December 1 to June 10
Graduate Programs: from December 1 to May 30