Chaohu College

Chaohu College lies in the beautiful land Ban tang-the hot spring holiday sanitarium at the east of Chaohu , Anhui Province. Chaohu College is originated from Chaohu Teachers’ Training School and was renamed in April, 2002,approved by the National Education Department. If is a common multi -discipline institution of high learning, which is set up and managed by the provincial and municipal government and is subordinated to the provincial government. It has trained over 12000 qualified students from the day of its establishment. The college occupies an area of 800 mu and 139,000 square meter building area. These are 5300 full-time boarding students. 446 working staff, 309 full-time teachers, among which there are 100 professors and associate professors, 3doctors and 80 bachelors and 2 foreign expert teachers. Chaohu College has now set up 11 departments and 30 specialized subjects of either undergraduate course or training course. The five undergraduate course subjects as Chinese Literature, History, Physics, Art and Physical Education. There are altogether 45 laboratories in the college. The teaching appliances and equipments value over 20 million Yuan. And the campus computer’s regional net has already put through. The college library possesses 420000 books and an electronic reading-room. It also sets up Chaohu College journal and Chaohu College Paper which are published openly. At present, all the staff and students are making great effort and progress according to the requirements and standards of college education to meet the demands of the educational undertakings of Anhui Province and are working for the splendor of the new century.


1) need: 2-3 people
2) gender: male or female
4) diploma: bachelor degree or above
5) age: 20-50 years old
6) language: English, Japanese
7) nationality: British , American, Canadian, Australian, Japanese
8) contact period: 1 year 

9) air ticket: one-way
10) working time: 13-15 classes a week
11) courses: Oral English, Conversation, Reading , Writing, American and British Literature
12) wage:4000 yuan (RMB) / year
13) travel fee: 2200 yuan(RMB) / year
14) fee for eating and drinking: providing necessary cooks only
15) free boarding: an apartment (in campus)

Address: Bantang hot spring sanitarium, Chaohu City , Anhui Province

Please contact if you are interested in applying for a position.