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Candidates must be native speakers in English, French or Germany and have a degree from an accredited institution. Degrees should relate to English or above languages or Asian studies, though most disciplines will be acceptable. Self-confidence and a personal interest in China are essential. Details: Ameson Institute for Foreign Languages at Nanjing promotes natural speaking skills in China by providing foreign teachers to Chinese students . Ameson Education and Exchange Foundation, a New York-based non-profit organization, provides funding for Ameson Nanjing's central office and teaching location. The institute cooperates with many schools all over the country as well as managing its own schools. At this moment our expanding list of locations include: 

Nanjing: the capital of ancient China for six dynasties and the Republic of China in modern times 

Shenyang: the capital of Liaoning Province in northeast China 

Dalian: a beautiful coastal city in northeast China 

We are currently arranging teaching positions at Xian, housing the famous Terracotta Army and one of the oldest cities in the world. Beijing and other cities are under consideration. Meanwhile, more than 10 middle schools, colleges and institutes are associated with Ameson Institute. All teachers are able to teach at different Ameson teaching locations with identical curriculum, teaching materials and teaching categories. There are over 2000 students currently studying at different Ameson  locations throughout China Students, from age 10 to 40, can study either full or part time. 

Contact number: Tel:212-524-9465/Fax:524-9466 

Compensation: In return for accepting a position with Ameson, successful applicants receive roughly twice the going university salary along with the following exceptional benefits: 

* furnished accommodation (with A/C, kitchen, cable TV and housekeeper) 
* paid vacation 
* medical insurance 
* reimbursement of round-trip airfare (e.g. New York to Shanghai and Shanghai to New York) upon completion of contract only for 1 year contracts Salary RMB4500/month, 4000RMB for less than one year contracts. 

This vacancy was posted by Ameson Education Foundation.

Contact person: Min Chen, Recruiter 


1 World Trade Center Suite 8343 New York, NY 10048 - United States Telephone: 212-524-9465 Fax: 212-524-9466 

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